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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Virgo , green Tara.jpg

The Sun will move into Virgo in a few hours to shine light on all the Virgoan people for the month ahead.
Virgos are methodical, practical, analytical, have a quirky sense of humour, can be critical and pedantic but are always helpful, very good with advice although some advise without being asked as they cant help it. Its their very nature to help and heal others which they do with a lot of attention to detail.

Most Virgos love animals as this sign rules small animals and birds . Many I know love animals of all sizes and maybe insects too although that is stretching things a bit.
However Im not here to write a book about Virgos but I could as I know a lot of them, and love them to bits. My father was one, a sister too and a son, and many friends…

For Virgos and all of us the month ahead is a good time to take care of all the little things we have put off and to reorganize our lives, do some planning and revising too as Mercury will be Rx from the 9th Sept until the 2nd Oct .

This is a good month to begin a new health regime especially at the time of the New Moon in 4 days time, a New Moon that will have two important aspects, Venus square to Uranus and Sun square to Mars so that’s a fairly strong New Moon for all of us, and will be a dynamic new beginning with some interesting happenings.
Virgos will come into their own after that New Moon and be their best helpful, and caring selves.

For Pisces of course Sun in Virgo puts focus on their relationship zone so this is a highlight for fishes in the times ahead moreso after the New Moon to bring its best effects.

Today there is an Apogee Moon when the Moon is furthest from the Earth and this doesn’t mean its weak by any means as I often point out, as its highly focused and just as capable of bringing big EQS or other earth events as a Perigee can be.
It does act a little like a Full Moon so be aware of the powerful Moon energies around today if you are feeling a bit more extreme emotionally.

Today brings an aspect of Sun opposing Vesta just before leaving Leo at 29 50 degrees Leo which will be happening now as I write this, a good reminder to protect our own security zones and inner boundaries, to be aware of our inner core of divinity that gives us power and strength no matter what happens to us on physical or emotional levels. We are powerful beings on the soul level is what really counts and the soul is eternal.

Mercury trines Pluto 26 degrees Virgo to Capricorn bringing depth to our thoughts and mental stability that holds us steady , amplifying the best of the Virgo energy too as we enter that signs rays.

Venus in Leo conjuncts Ceres at 13 degrees Leo, a very special aspect of love at its most exuberant , and especially so for Leo natives but also for Taureans and Librans. People will Sun or other planets at this degree should experience some special events or meetings or those with the same in Aquarius….

Venus has a quintile aspect to Mars in Gemini as well which could be a romantic influence for some but others may feel it as a kind of empowering or enhancing effect as we are made more aware of our best qualities and talents… Again the Taureans and Librans, as well as Leos and Arians will appreciate this plus Geminis who are wondering what hit them with Mars in their sign.

Today is the start of the Balsamic Moon phase when it is best not to begin anything new but rather focus on letting go of and closing plans or projects that need completing.
It’s a good time for endings and personal reflections in the next few days, tying up loose ends and surrendering to what is before we enter into the New Moon phase to come.

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