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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

There's been a lot happening in the heavens in the last few days.

Quaoar that most people haven’t heard of has stationed before going backwards at 7 degrees Capricorn.
Quaoar was discovered in 2002, the first planetary body to be discovered orbiting behind Pluto in what came to be known as the Kuiper belt, and which broke down the known boundaries of the solar system.

Mythologically Quaoar was a creator deity of the indigenous Tongva people of Southern California, who danced and sang the world into existence. Quaoar is the creative force of the Absolute, the metaphysical point from which chaos issues forth for the purpose of manifestation, shaping into material form. Quaoar points us to our ultimate connection with the Source of All that Is and asks what we want to do with the energy.

So in the last few days since the 16th we have had a need to clear karma and ego attachment and sort out any chaos in our own lives, so as not to keep repeating the same patterns from the past.
Quaoar reminds us that we can create new systems within and without self and we can have fun doing it. We can see the humour in life around us and grab opportunities to play and enjoy being part of life's game even when it all seems negative and hard going.

This would be especially so for Capricorns and those with planets or points near 7 degrees in that sign. But these outer planets can apply to all of us who are in the mental or emotional state to make use of their energy.

This aspect was followed by Mercury conjunct the powerful Goddess planet Eris who is always courageous and assertively ready to meet challenges that bring unity of people and any groups that we may be part of. She will go all out to achieve the goals she sets for our future wellbeing on this planet as a people.

This was Goddess energy at its strongest so around the 17th (Sat here) if you felt a need for action and courage then this was why.

This happened at around 24 degrees Aries so was extra powerful for Aries types and Gemini/Virgos too. I felt it strongly myself and was on a mission that day, one of many I have had lately.

The intensity on that particular day was very strong as the Sun in Aries was squaring Pluto in Capricorn stirring up the shadow self within and bringing us face to face with our own darkness as well as other peoples. It was a day of passion and focus and brought a chance to discover more about self that we have been putting off facing.

This would be very strong for Scorpios, Capricorns, Arians and Leos too or anyone with planets near 27 Aries or Capricorn which happens to trigger some of my own 27 degrees planets such as Jupiter but also my Moons nodes. A very karmic day for me.

Then we had the Sun opposite to Haumea which is similar in energy to Quaoar in a sense. This happened at 28/29 Aries and Libra, so both signs would have been affected strongly especially for those with planets in those degrees.

Haumea is concerned with the clearing and healing of the the womb environment of our planet Earth so that new physical bodies, temple abodes for evolving plants, animal and human souls can be created. This opposition is giving us a push and shove in a spiritual sense into a stronger awareness of nature, trees and plants plus also working with the more primordial forces of life. This energy is moving us towards proceeding from a point of balance and Earth centered stillness to a more dynamic movement outwards in a leap of evolutionary consciousness and new birth.

This has all been happening in the last 2 days or so and today we have Mercury at 29 degrees Aries opposing Haumea before moving into Taurus. So this is timely as we can prepare ourselves to put more effort into being more active and to put all those dymamic new plans we have been making with Mercury in Aries, into action. This means being in nature more, growing things, building things too, and/or listening more closely to the sounds and messages from nature and the hidden world of spirit for what is needed next to help others gain a different awareness to what has been fed to us this last year on more negative levels as now we need action and not just words to regain all we have lost including the awareness and attunement to our own bodies and “being”, both of which are so much more creatively wondrous that anyone gives them credit for when it comes to health and vitality.

Mercury in Taurus will bring a more grounding energy for many of us especially so for Virgos and Geminis. Its very good for manifesting our thoughts and plans into practical areas of growth and using out hands to make things and build onto what we have.

This is good for our health regime, food and diet and getting into our gardens, keeping our senses in tune with the spheres too.
Its good for using all our creative thoughts in practical ways.

For Taureans their minds can be a little busier and they can take care of all the communication and paper work they have put off.

Mercury in Taurus for the coming 2 weeks or so will be good for dealing with our finances, investments too and any security matters we have put off.

The Sun also conjuncts Mercury today which is extra special for Aries, Virgos and Geminis.

This is a day when we can be as clear headed as we can possibly be and use Mercury's energy for conveying our thoughts and ideas to get our message across much more easily than usual.
Communication of all types can be carried out with confidence and assertiveness on all levels.

Tomorrow the Sun will move into the grounding and practical, creative sign of Taurus to shine light on all those born under this signs rays for the coming month.

Vesta will go direct tomorrow after being at station at 6 degrees Virgo.
I love this as its opposite to my Sun.

Vesta is at home in this sign being of the nature of Virgo and Scorpio. She represents our flame of divinity within so helps us stay strong with our boundaries on all levels and to be our own observer when it comes to other people triggering our weaker points from old patterns.

She basically helps us to remain strong and calm when adversity hits us. As she moves forward in Virgo she strengthens us in areas of the energies of this sign which is all about health on all levels of our being, our diets, exercise regime, mental health too.

Virgos will especially feel stronger in self with this movement.

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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 19, 2016
As a Capricorn I have started laughing. At everything. From my encounter with the policeman to the head of Denmark's medicine's agency fainting at a press conference to stop using Astrazeneca. God/Source/All That Is has such a great sense of comic timing!


Thanks Janne for your perfect postulations.

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