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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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The Sun moves into Sagittarius tonight NZ time to shine light on all Sagis on the planet for the coming month.
Venus and Mercury are already there waiting and we have certainly felt their presence with a boost of fiery energy pushing and lifting us out of the Scorpio depths where we did a lot of shamanic learning whether we realised it or not.

Some may have been painful to face, but face it we did and most of us bravely and I hope unconditionally, as its so important to embrace all that we are and all that lies within our shadow that at times we do project onto others but its all our choosing and all our stuff, believe me!

And we must thank those who were our teachers throughout the last month, still in the shamanic vein.

I am loving rereading Lynn Andrews “Medicine Woman” and noting the fear and anger, also "remembering" that was brought out in Lynn by her own teachers when she first ventured into that world, and then in turn became a teacher for many. She has passed now and many of us will miss her physical presence but her spirit will be guiding many from the heaven world.

This Sagittarian phase of the year is much stronger than usual as the sign and Sun, planets too are activated by Mars in the opposite sign of Gemini currently around 21 degrees, and please remember Mars is retrograde and also out of bounds, out of the Suns control so acting different to usual with erratic energies but also being highly inspirational at times .
Mars is why our social media has changed and when many different systems will be changing due to the banning of freedom of speech and the Gov control. This has to become extreme before it settles.

More is to come with other media- this is just the beginning and as long as Mars is backwards he is will be dragging up a lot from the past, changing the status quo, bringing back people who have been blocked from main stream media. I will remind everyone that Donald Trump is a Gemini and love him or hate him he is back and this is not a political statement.

It’s a human rights statement He was brought down on the last total solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

I want to mention briefly health issues, lungs, respiratory system, arms, shoulders, hands , feet too in some instances, liver, hips, thighs and other Sag areas all could be vulerable especially if they have been an issue in the past as Mars will bring a lot back from the past to heal in the period ahead while the Sun is in Sag especially.

Take extra care of health and do a lot of slow deep breathing to strengthen lungs and the whole body.

The movement of the Sun today basically is bringing back a lot more light and scope for more light to come. The powerful energy of Fire is always one of high creative energy, and motivation, optimism and tremendous drive, hope for the future and action.

The arrow of truth flies straight and true for all of us who believe during the month ahead.
This is the month when many of us travel and move around more than usual.

The Sag new beginning will be 24th here in NZ and Aust, 23rd in USA and Canada and somewhere in between in Europe.

This is the Moon when it is best to plan new areas of education, travel dates, anything legal and all other Sag areas, and this can be activated towards the Crescent Moon a few days after the New Moon.

The degree will be 1 degree 38 so very early in the sign. This will set the trend for the month ahead and on the day Jupiter will go direct so this is a real double whammy for Sagis and Sag "types"to get off their butts and get moving. And for the rest of us too in the area of our lives ruled by Sagittarius, Solar or Natal.
Mine is the tenth house by Solar and 12th Natal so its highly karmic for me and sets off my Moon in Sag in 12th .

This is already in effect for myself with a few great changes including changing my car( a very Sagittarian effect), a journey south for 5 days into the wilds once more , although a city will be involved and a Sag friend.

Jupiter direct means that it’s a review time, a key date for any Jupiter transits to our own planets and thereafter we reap the benefits of those aspects. I can say that everything will go ahead in leaps and bounds for Sagittarian people but also those of us with planets in that sign … This is all motivated by Mars in Gemini.

So rather than go into a lot of detail the bottom line is Jupiter direct on a New Moon sets the world in action for the better and whats been held back will come forth , and quickly, so this is global.

Be prepared for more light which could blind some people with its intensity and more truth which will do the same.

Of course there are also the triggers for the negatives which could be as always warlike for those who want to make war or are on the attack , still caught up in the darkness of their own shadow but really this is the time to think of the bigger picture and the co-creation of a better world and system, so we enter the New Year in a progressive way...
It's time to take a leap of faith (another Sag word) and affirm “out with the darkness and into the light.”

I will write more of important aspects in the days ahead but I do want to mention that the first week of Dec brings some downloads from the Galactic Centre with the Great Attractor also in play as well as the Full Moon in Gemini approaching, and one on that day in fact .

The Full Moon brings a Uranus aspect so there is definitely the unexpected going on then which is when Mars will be having a field day as well in his RX and OOB mood . He will be around 15 degrees by then so any aspects he has made before that time or is making on that day in our own charts or for various countries will be felt strongly.

This will show most in areas of social media and any other mainstream media.

The Sun will conjunct the GC on the 19th...

So definitely buckle your seatbelts and also remember to have fun in this action packed month ahead.

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