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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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The Apogee moon yesterday in Aries brought a gravitational force strong enough to cause a 7.8 Earthquake near the Kuril Islands causing a Tsunami scare.

It played havoc in my life in fact as it was the day before lock down, mainly with little annoying things and a bit of shock to the system thrown in…But it was more good news than bad long term and the new moon was part of it all of course.

Lock down in NZ is now in effect as the new moon has set off the Saturn in Aquarius effect with the current “new rules” for the whole world.

Many blame this virus event on Jupiter conjunct Pluto but that is the world economic system and loss at present which goes deep, and the affects on and of the masses of this virus and of course it does have some bearing but this influence is much deeper and longer lasting.

Jupiter is more subdued in this sign although for some that are ambitious it will fare well for assets and property matters, also other investments.

This current major health crisis is happening due to the action of Mars and also Saturn into Aquarius, as there is much more to it than meets the eye. It’s a prelude of a different life for all of us in the future and a test for us as human beings on this planet as to how much we can handle in times of crisis, a great test of human nature.

Today the Sun in Aries is conjunct to Chiron which is all about the new learning we are going through and urging us to call on our own inner knowledge and wisdom that streams directly from our higher self for the answers to survive not only possible illness mild or otherwise, and more importantly the suffering and fear, panic and other deep and primal feelings arising from our beings which are triggered both by our past experiences and emotional imprints, and definitely by the old patriarchal viewpoints that are largely outdated.

A lot of us need that structure of the old system, that direction from the powers that be as its good to know that someone out there knows what they are doing or supposedly.(This can also lead to a lot of blame and finger pointing which is another effect of fear and panic).
Sometimes authorities take time to get things right but they do what they know how to do at the time.

Guidelines are good but know you have all the ability within self to look deeper than the surface and its ok to question things.
Chiron is helping us at this time in this sense to use our own inner wisdom and accept what we cannot change but also to act if needed.

This happens at 6 degrees Aries so those with planets or Sun near this degree will feel this very strongly in the form of a lightbulb moment perhaps, or even a wake up call, OR a new mentor or friend turning up that is quite unusual but knowledgeable. Leos and Arians will be influenced a lot by this aspect.

This degree is opposite to my Neptune almost, setting off the Libran in me.(A mutual reception factor).

The Sun is also quintile to Jupiter, a quintile being empowering, enhancing our talents and abilities, inspiring us, motivating too, to look at the much bigger picture, similar in some ways to the Chiron aspect..

This one can bring out our best and again there is a lot of fire energy with this but also some good practical, grounding influences too with Capricorn involved.

Capricorns and Sagis as well as Arians and Leos will enjoy this one.

It's helpful for world leaders for doing their best.

So we get an influence of our inner and our outer selves today, a lot of delving deep within self to cope with new circumstances around us brought on my Saturn’s move into Aquarius, and the inner strength to choose and carry out right action too.


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Jul 28, 2016
This fits so well!
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