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Astral Travel is an intense journey I have been through and still am. In this video, I share some of my most amazing experiences and bring some guidance for those who want to go deeper in their spiritual journey. I am currently working on helping people to use astral travel as a tool to evolve and bring in more light into their lives. It is the path of the wise seeker who is guided by an internal thirst of discovering more and more about his soul essence and what he can do to explore more the unknown fields of Consciousness. How to tap into hidden knowledge and how to use that knowledge for self improvements. How to help around with that knowledge? My experiences have led me slowly to this path and I am currently working on Level 3 of my Astral Training Program that you can find on my site.
So here is the video. I was invited by The School of Multidimensional Intuition and Matthew Mournian for this event. I will share more with time.

How to use astral travel for self healing?
This is one of the most important things I am teaching now. It was a huge experience for myself as I began travelling in my own mental body and bringing more and more information using targets and other tools to dive deeper into those realms. The healing was intense and amazing.

How to understand the type of experiences we have?
We don't have all the same kind of experiences and we don't heal the same way. But we all have them and we all can experience deep healing during those journeys. It can be in many types of experiences such as meeting a spiritual guide an extraterrestrial being or many, who would come for us to show us how to evolve as consciousness. Those are highly vibrational beings who are meant to come and cross our spiritual path, they teach us in those planes and dimensions, so that we come back with their knowledge and wisdom in the form of energy, psychic art and so on.

More information have been coming through me during the last years. I have been sometimes overwhelmed because of the energetic downloads I experience all the day and during my night sleep especially when I come back into my physical body every morning.
This is why part of what I wanted to share here, was shared on my site and or on my facebook pages. I had to find some inner time to reflect, take back my notes and understand the meaning of all that I was witnessing including those cartoon beings I have met in a sophisticated space station many times recently, and a new way of astral traveling in gates opening from my third eye while I am laying in my bed. They have been occurring for a while and I was feeling in between the physical and non physical realities. In between this dimension and another one... I experienced those fast flying journeys into huge wormholes coming back with events from future timelines that would occur on our planet, including political events and more about the pandemic. I also have been visiting other planets and worlds where I have met energetic beings of a higher intelligence than those I have met before.

I hope you enjoy this conversation

Here attached my latest artwork : The Crystalline Grid Flow
I have been actually guided to create the first Crystalline Light Body Activation and I have been drawing 9 Imprint Blocks completely done while connecting to the beings of The Crystalline Grid. They come to me in a very strange way : we communicate in codes "Clac Clac Clac" sent in my right ear. Each number of these codes corresponds to information I receive and they download in me which helped me create those 9 imprint blocks and write a whole Manual of 56 pages for the Practitioner.

This artwork shows how the different layers of the crystalline light of grace flows from the Crystalline Grid.


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