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Steps to Heal Trauma


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By Dawn Grace Kelly: I believe we all have varying degrees of trauma. There are no perfect childhoods. Our care givers did things the only way they knew how to at the time. Their actions were based on their own history. Being human means we make mistakes and can operate unconsciously from ego, fear and conditioning. As adults our intellect can make sense of that...
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I found some meditation music on YT that has 528hz audio in it and one piece I tried sounded really nice. It was relaxing without making me sleepy, and had a little positive energy to coax me to healing. I have some issues left I just can't shake since some things happened to me when I was very young. And, I'm second wave (probably) so that means I'm extra sensitive. Bleh.

I also put some mediation music on my USB drive for my car ride home from work, the drive can be boring for me. I really use that USB port a lot in that car! You might even be able to find an adapter to go from female USB to 2 RCA plugs, or female USB to 1/8" male headphone jack for your car AUX IN port. Check Ebay.

(My car plays many audio files from a USB thumb drive.)


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Ok I read the article, very good! Everyone perceives the world differently. For some people a stimulus or event will not traumatize them, for others it will traumatize them to varying degrees. This is just how people are. Spinning down an icy hill in the winter, my car out of control, would not traumatize me, I choose to PERCEIVE it as a free rollercoaster ride, although this took a whole winter of practice to achieve. For others this would be quite traumatic.

So one cannot judge another by one's own trauma and perception, as perceptions are all different between us.

Everyone has different fears. I have faced some of my fears. Other of my fears seem to go undefined so it's harder to face them. At my uni it was required that every person, in every major, had to take a speech class. Everyone hated it at first. But it forced me to face my fear. I had toxic thinking and thought others would be making fun of me, but they didn't. They were all facing the same problem I was, and they knew it, so there was a little more empathy in this situation. More than a few people cried when they gave their speech.

Their first speech was just 1 minute on any topic you wanted. But the first time is the hardest. A handful of people cried to various degrees up there, not just girls either. A big guy got up to give his speech. He was tall, and he was wide, and he was on the football team. Well, I thought, I bet football gave him lots of confidence to be in front of crowds.

Not so! He paused, he was terrified, the tears started to flow just from the challenge. Then people did the surprising thing. They started shouting "It's ok! You can do it!" "You're doing fine!" "You're awesome!" He smiled, he cried a bit more, probably from relief. Then people started chanting his name, and tried to relate to him. "Jason! Jason! Jason!" "Go for that touchdown, you got this!" "You're normal, the first time is the hardest. Now carry that ball!"

It was amazing. I began to have faith in people again.

So he started his speech, halting, trying to maintain his composure. And when he was done, he got a standing ovation from the whole class.

At the end of the class almost everyone loved it and saw the value in it. Change is hard. And those first steps are the hardest. I know. Native Americans have a saying: "The longest journey begins with one step" and so does the healing, which can be a long hard journey indeed.
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I think when I was little, I healed my trauma by sucking my thumb. That's funny, I just remembered that!

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