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Jul 21, 2016
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On 13-January Clif released a special Webbot (aka ALTA) which focuses on bitcoin (BTC) and silver and gold. Clif was guided to be release this report ('Riding the Dragon') prior to the weekend as the data is indicating there could be various temporal markers (TMs in Clif-speak) falling this weekend and he wanted the forecast out in advance of them.

This special report will also be included within the full Webbot report for February 2017 which will be released NLT 5-Feb (but typically right around the 1st).

I'll attempt to summarize a few of the forecast findings but I can never do justice to the info available from reading the actual reports. If you can, I encourage you to buy at least one full report from Clif's website at halfpasthuman.com. It's $15 USD per report. Reading a full report gives you a much better view of the info than what I am able to summarize.

Also, Clif has a Twitter feed and posts several times a day with updated happenings. You can find his feed at:

As always, use your own discernment. Clif himself points out that while the he has good confidence in the forecast generally, he is not always right, especially in regards to timing which can shift a bit as he has to do the interpretation of what the data is telling him and he isn't always right. However, the closer the event is the greater the probability the timing is right.

Short summary:
  • BTC volume is currently dominated by China
  • Chinese central authorities (CCAs) are going into BTC big time. The recent CCA actions are NOT about stemming capital outflows from China but rather about cleaning up China based BTC-exchanges and getting rid of criminal aspects associated with the exchanges
  • By late-Spring 2017 CCAs will announce a major push for broader adoption of BTC by the China population. This is part of a broader 'virtual Asia initiative' with plans to include an additional 1 billion internet users within 2 years. It is also tied to the major 'Bejing to Berlin' rail system that is in development to strengthen ties with Russia and Europe.
  • China does a full promotional push (ads, videos, etc) to get ChinaPop to more broadly embrace BTC.
  • To add support, CCAs will move BTC into the coveted "reserve currency" status. Within a couple of years BTC becomes the only means by which inter-government payments are made.
  • Clif reviews how his prior BTC forecasts over the past few months have proved out in regard to price movements and TMs that affect them. (The move of BTC up over $1000USD/BTC , <went to ~$1130/BTC> followed by a fall back to around the $888 <when CCAs stepped into reviewing China BTC exchanges> where it 'dithers' for a bit before moving up again to $1488 in the next month or two.
  • Currency crises will be gripping the world as the dollar denominated currency are crumbling in the onslaught of world events, including a bond derivatives crash which greatly weakens the financial system globally and brings much chaos. Around March/April this will result in global financial elites meeting in 'emergency' for a new "Bretton Woods" type conference which (reluctantly) the elites begin greater support for silver and gold over debt-based fiat currencies. The elites don't want to go there but are forced to by the global financial situation.
  • BTC continues to have considerable volatility (including quick 20% price swings) until the BTC price in Chinese Yuan reaches 80808 Y/BTC in 2018. (If you took today's Y/USD exchange rate of about 6.9Y/USD that works out to around $11,711USD/BTC. But note the exchange rate could/will change a lot with all the currency crises coming...so maybe less, maybe more but in any event a very significant increase in price from today's BTC price.
  • Silver has very significant upside potential as it is THE metal needed for coming technology releases (associated with ancient tech finds coming out of Antarctica over the next few years). The reason is silver 'can hold a field'.
  • China strives to tighten relations with Mexico which will become a major supplier of silver. And the US also wants to get a tight exclusive relationship with Mexico for the silver. Mexico plays US and China against each other for the best deal. (Side note, not in the report: this will be fun to watch Trump do a 180 to try and be Mexico's best friend after all the trash talking during the election...who knows, maybe Mexico will pay to build that wall...to keep OUT those from the US. Karma does have a sense of humor sometimes!)
  • Silver (currently ~$17USD/oz) will move up to ~$125/oz about March/April. It will then move up to $600USD/oz before the push to reach parity with gold (currently ~$1200USD/oz)
In close, here is one paragraph from the report that sums things up:

As modelspace is moved through 2017, into 2018, the data has the 'shift (movement) in prices' of all assets classes to become a defining headline to this new century as 'the greatest wealth transfer in history'. Those holding onto the 'remnants' of the global financial 'industry' and all of its 'slaves' such as 'pharmaceuticals', and 'oil companies', and 'entertainment', and 'armaments' are going to discover in 2017 that they had 'bought into the Roman empire' just at the 'top'.


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Dec 31, 2016
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Thank you for posting this. It all makes sense considering the shifting sands we have been preparing for in 2017. People will need something to move assets quickly (BTC) and they will need stable, physical tools of exchange when they cannot move quickly (PM's). I see the world population waking up to what regulated currencies actually are (i.e., the cabal skimming money off every exchange/trade humans make including their own physical labor). BTC and PM's offer a different path. This will present a new set of reactions from the dark lords, but let's wait and see what happens.
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Jan 8, 2017
Correct Moonseal. When you say :"This will present a new set of reactions from the dark lords." makes me think that rats are at the most dangerous point when they are cornered. People in power will do anything, ethical or not, legal or not, to retain their power. More than wait we must be alert in my humble opinion.

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