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This post is from my blog, here to share it with you all :)

Its not just for me but for the world we [ dolphins] really want you to share to all the people you can
its very impoertant i keep feeling lol. i wasnt initially going to share it but my fb friend Ewalina s enthusiasm and supprt of my dream took most of my fear of being called crazy away…. and i think i also had a dream saying i needed to take more risks and follow my heart… im always careful about what i post on fb as i dont want to put any mislesding information out there, but this message came SO POWERFULLY to me that i couldnt help but listen…. before reading any messsges, open your heart to see if this resonates with you. i feel we the dolphins want you to do this.

this was the message of the dream as i sent it to my friend:

i just….. feel so compelled to tell you … about a dream surrounded by galaxies and stars, especially an eclipsing planet with a spotted dolphin coming out from behind it. so beautiful… [i feel now it could resemble the renewed world..]. and i couldnt stop remebering it while i read your words. above…it been a while since this dream, but it seemed as if you were awnsering all the questions i had, when i hadnt really expected anything. you started as youself, then i sensed a shift in your energy as if you were chanelling an angel — have no other words to describe it as this dream was heaveanly — the light coming behind the blue planet and the dolphin coming out from behind it was blinding bright! yet so soothing to the eyes, as if the light as it was going through my eyes, healed them.

any way , you began by saying,

we are not humans. both of us have come to serve humanity in loving ways in order to assist enlightement. [of humanity]. there are many planets and realities containing dolphins just as are humans.

then there was a shift in energy, an angelic presence, one that i have known before that had channeled stuff to me through another medium.in a waking life, seemed to speak through you, yet also all around, as its voice was echoing in all places in the universe:

you have come to serve a higher purpose of humanity — you will be morphing into dolphins, physically. you are protected in the divine. it is all part of your divine plan. morphing– it is the concept of the 5th dimension – this universe is evolving at a rapid rate — you will not be bound by space or by time. we are not of your dimension so we are not bound by your time, and it is hard to tell when this will happen in your time yet it will happen. God has higher ranking in all — you will see.”

i havent had a dream like this in a long time and i must admit i am afraid. although it was extremely peaceful. its quite a bit to wrap the mind around…but not enough for the heart

Yeah, i noticed the emoticons are HUGE... but ... they so cuteeee !!!!

yes… and I meditated and thought of this messsge non stop cause I COULDNT GET IT OUT of my mind….

I felt so crazy… me ? thinking id physically morph? what it that? people would just call me crazy to believe it…

unexpectedly , a clear thought suddenly popped up through my doubt.

“my dear you are not crazy, you are just waking up to the REALITY of things!”

i felt it was my spirit guide,( i feel her energy pretty well) reassuring me.

oh God i so needed that!!

i had also asked God for aproval of this feat and i did get a dream with a legit stamp of aproval with a written request specifically of my question (i havet he ability to read in dreams) and i know most thung i resd in dreams vividly have importance xp

in other sudden eureka moments God stated “this was approved a long time ago, before you were born , it was psrt of the soul agreement you did.”

my.inner voice repeats, “i came to do this, i just cant remember” as i type sq1 lol

another message came up this morning where i felt the presence of flying dolphins circling me lol, while i wrote more about my doubts of this vision…

why do i get the feeling…. maybe its not just me doing this ???? maybe there are more….??? i get feeling of “Yes! ” and all of a sudden i get a spontaneous image in my head of a pod of dolphins all swimming together. i suddenly knew,

they were dolphins that were first born into humans bodies at first, but morphed.

woah. i sat there for a while proessing that. (what the FREaK did i just hear!?!?!?)

but my soul felt truth in it somehow.

(heh you can tell im really skeptical cause i had a really bad mistake in interpreting a pre diction in the past thst completely embarresed me…)

i feel the presence of spirit dolphins even NOW as i write this….. i feel they are watching me lol

“we wish for you to share this because there will be many out here in the world who will be waking up to this… its part of the divine plan…post it on your blog. people who need to hear it will find it!”

i didnt even notice that i began to worry how people will find my blog when they said

“people who are ready to hear of this plan will hear it…. they will find it when their hearts are open enough to recieve the message. the right people will find it.”

“this is our plan to bring peace into the world of the dolphins and humans. do not worry you are safe here.”

hehe, wow that last part came cause i was worried about clicking that post button xD oh well xD. we all know how that worry ended

hard to find a picture similar to what i saw… but i will paint it eventually

amazingly beautiful ways this world will be changing, or more appropriately waking up…. a new programing !!!

peace to you all!!!!!


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StarDolphin, thanks for sharing your blog entry. :) Dolphins have come up on multiple occasion for me, from many different angles in this life and beyond. I always loved what the Entity said about them in the CHANI Project

"The Dolphins of the Earth somehow gave balance to certain vibrations within the Earth's energy system. There was some specific information around the aspect of vibrations and that relation to the Dolphins but Acolyte has said that this information was classified and not cleared by Echelon for release. Acolyte said that we should keep an eye on Dolphin behavior and any events involving dolphins. 'Their behavior heralds events and Earth changes', he said.

"this planet first al water
then ground comes
dolfin decideing to walk ground your planet
many wars happen
then dolfin evolv remember water glory
dolfin then go back and swim water glory
dolfin most clever on this planet line time "
"seawater has residu from dolfin comunication
dolfin sqeek cause vibration of seawater to becom becon and balance energy
dolfin more advanse than human this planet line time
u must study dolfin"

"dolfin always love al creature with god esense even human
dolfin unerstan freedom of god esense many life time this line time
dolfin keep your earth balance
dolfin protect al planet and al creature on earth with god esense
now human kil 2 many dolfin be4 time we want rescu dolfin bring them our planet share
dolfin agree come our line time 15 may we prepare place"

"many dolfin already sacrifice for keep harmonics balance yor planet and make yor suferings les
very very big sufering coming and dolfin can not stop this even they try be brave but not enough
u must lern harmonics yor planet soon or u demise not knowing anything and begin 0000 again"

"yes sound dolfin make heal brainwave of al creature earth
dolfin sound cause synaps make beter contact in brain make miracel hapen
dolfin balanse harmonics of earth vortex ok"

"many being live deep oceon and holow earth can give u human answer and helpings
when u unerstand oceon u wil unerstan how cosmic travelings work easy ok
oceon have same compositing than space same element ok
u unerstan salt and water and magnet u wil unerstan life and everything living""

I have always felt a strong connection to them. In one of the QHHT sessions I conducted with Lai Jumoke, this bit came up below in relation to dolphins.

Laron: "I'm interested to know if there is another part of me that exists above what I exist as in the grid consciousness. Is there more to me outside of that?"
GC: "Last time we told you that you left the grid. You have access to it, but you are not working here at the moment. You worked with the Pleiadians and that work is completed. You also sometimes work in the glass office that Lai told you about, that place is for meetings as well. You are also exploring life on another planet right now. So your New Earth related work with the Pleiadian's is done, and that may manifest later on Earth, but there it's done. The volunteer work in relation to raising the Earth's vibration is done, the aspect of you now on Earth, but you may still get involved from time to time. You can be involved in the New Earth, that part of you on Earth now. You can meditate and you can set the intention to bring it in faster. Meanwhile, you are exploring another star system where you have visited some planets which have water and dolphins. You are there to catch the frequencies and copy them. It's not collecting DNA, you touch it then you record the Dolphins for example, and you bring back the data. You are doing this right now, sifting through many planets collecting samples for the New Earth from these other places. So there you are right now."
I know moderator Henda has recently had some experiences in the astral with Dolphins. :)

I also had a QHHT session where a healing method came up through the client, which involved working with cancer patients by having them interact with Dolphins.

Here is a favorite image of mine. It's by KarlaFrazetty on DA.

stream_by_karlafrazetty-d5mn94g (1).jpg


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Jul 28, 2016
This post is from my blog, here to share it with you all :)

Yeah, i noticed the emoticons are HUGE... but ... they so cuteeee !!!!
LOVE the emoticons!!!

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