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Today finally releasing my new artwork ... I received the message of this Wave Tree yesterday morning and had to integrate four downloads...
this artwork is the result of out of body experiences I had to Andromeda Galaxy and also M33 The Triangulum Galaxy I draw during the last weeks.
I will post another thread with the Triangulum Galaxy as the message is very specific to that star. Some say that M33 is already part of Andromeda Galaxy. The ET’s I encountered in their mother ship here last September are from Andromeda.
i hope you love this artwork because it took me time and energy to release it ..

« March 1, 2019



Universe made of sounds and frequencies shaped in forms, in sacred geometry all your soul is made of.

Each shape creates a sound with specific frequencies matching with your soul’s imprint.

In Andromeda Galaxy, there is the inner source, those sounds’ fabric spreading in all the universe with Grace and Peace.

Are you ready to channel them? Are you ready to receive them? Are you ready to pass them on to others? Because there is a secret magic hidden in them, that you are already discovering from within you, from within your soul.

What you have been drawing is The Matrix of Andromeda Galaxy, sent through you in Frequencies and sounds, your bodies are filled with its colorful waves ! In peace you can penetrate them, holding in you the sounds of the universe.

The higher you vibrate, the higher they will become, and the higher they will vibrate in you.

The frequencies and sounds are generated by a very specific intertwined connection to higher realms in the new crystalline map Grid.

The distribution is done in a very subtle way, each sound creates frequencies that are specific to the shapes, the lines and nodes they are connected to.

It definitely creates new sounds new shapes new lines and nodes... if you see the picture I draw in you you will understand that it is done in the love you are made of which is deeply connected to Source ´s Energy and flow.

There is much more to learn from it, human nature cannot access to now.. with efforts and guidance this would probably happen ! »
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Aug 15, 2016
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Thank you. I can feel the frequencies and sound in silent singing! It is incredible that Triangulum is like the Masters gallery of Sacred Geometry. We here on Earth are ready for this! We are sensitive to colour, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, sound, crystallisation. We are part of the symphony of life, and we can hear it!


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The Triangulum Galaxy in our Local Cluster of Galaxies, as Henda says, Messier 33 or M33. It is the third largest galaxy in our Local group, after Milky Way and Andromeda.
Yeah actually and the ET I encountered on September 2018 are from there
I was guided to draw the Galaxy this way

I will say more about it in another article
This is M33



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What did the Andromedans look like?
It is all blue with some orange and golden lights. Some greenish dust and the energy is very strong
The blue is the most accurate colors in the galaxy. When I was there I was like floating in many blue cubes which were parallel realms inside the Galaxy itself
When inside the cubes I could see the other worlds and they are made of sacred geometry shapes. All is made of sounds


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Jul 20, 2016
The blue is the most accurate colors in the galaxy.
When the young man from elsewhere dropped in behind me in grocery store, that is how I described his energy. It felt clear and blue - nothing like humans.
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Out of The Blue
An unexpected encounter
My new friend

I am not very good at drawing ET’s but this guy came to me few minutes ago.
I heard a deep acute sound in my two ears before seeing him in his mothership and he said I am Takhal and will come back to you very soon...
The frequency I felt in my whole body was powerful and I was nearly in a transe state. I sat down for a while.
In my hands this morning I felt the same frequency while still in my bed and started playing with it. I could not get out of my bed anyway for a while as I was stuck there.
He is about 9/10 feet height
And he said « I am Takhal » showing me how to write it and pronounce it : Tak-Hal
Standing in a mothership room without any object or computer etc
The room was blue
He asked me to draw him and that I would be guided for that intuitively
He is a nice beingHe doesn’t eat anything
He has no mouth
It’s a being made of energy
It’s all I can say about it now
He looks so cool
Then I heard him saying that he came from the parallel world to Planet Mars I visited during an AP on January 2019.
I just was finishing this as he came few minutes ago

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