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buddy love

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Oct 1, 2018
i'm helping to dream into being new earth collective life, Nurturing Neighborhoods of all sorts.

am autistic, mostly non verbal, so will share these resources below to stimulate conversation here on the forums for us.

my dreams on these farms, and in these neighborhoods, include affordable home/cottages for folks who prefer to live in their own little home. some of us are hermit-types who for whatever reason/choices require solitary space and such. i'm more inclined to be the garden elf rather than the garden manager! we all have awe inspiring propensities. and we are all needed.
blessings to all.
buddy love.


here in the southeastern usa, there is the southeastern social care farming collective.

Social Care Farming began eons ago, in other times. in our more recent timeframe, it has expanded from the Netherlands into europe and beyond.

there are many folks all around the world who have been living this concept since time immemorial. and with the internet and such we are more exposed to these possiblitiies.

from the SSCFC facebook page. the link to their website seems to not be working for now:
"The Southeastern Social Care Farming Collective is organizing our second summit, to be held on February 23rd, 2019 in Durham, NC. Our theme is "Companion Planting: Identifying the Community Partners and Support Systems that Promote Positive Growth and Outcomes". We are centering much of our conversation around the ways in which programs/enterprises/activities have connected with community partners and funding streams to create meaningful and sustainable farming initiatives."

here is website for Social Care Farming Across Borders

Therapeutic Farms

also, Therapeutic Farming communities

(i personally do not use google for searching, but am on someone else's computer for now. feel free to go to other search engine to do searches for these farms and communities.)


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Jul 20, 2016
I can see how this would work well. Not only do people come together with a common love of gardening and the outdoors, but the pace is much slower than in a city or commercial environment.


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Nov 1, 2018
I've heard of farms being used to treat PTSD in veterans, and also community gardens have popped up to give people produce they need, but they have to work for it.


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Jul 28, 2016
The return of the hippie communes. I Love the idea. That's pretty much how we're setting up the New earth. Everybody wants to be there and contribute. Eating may become obsolete so we can grow lots of other stuff. reintroduce exotic plants etc. Heck even the oceans will be fresh water.
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