Sirius Light Key Codes Transmission October 8, 2018 (1 Viewer)

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« Time to shine
Time to heal
Timelines are moving and space lines are completely different from those that we had last week.
Humanity is going through a new wave of light codes transmission and frequency
Everyone is are receiving this gift in their bodies.
Go to nature as it is there that you can adjust in the best ways
Reach out the trees the plants the wind and the sun light
Bring that healing in you
Be there and be safe »
Channeling Altar from Andromeda today
My gift this video I made few minutes ago, shows the way we are receiving this amazing gift and how the new earth Crystalline Key Codes are at work just near by !
Stay tuned
In this video the light codes will work in a specific area of your bodies or many others
So focus on this process during these 6 minutes downloads

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