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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017

Over time we have talked and explained on the blog the concept of simultaneous lives, how all our incarnations happen at the same time and why the concept of reincarnation is just a way of explaining (incorrectly), the existence of different lives and earthly experiences we have. As you know, we have represented it on more than one occasion as:

Historical periods: from the formation of the planet to today (and towards our "future")
Super-soul Higher Self
Incarnations of each human being, all simultaneous in different times of our planet
Time axis, from a "past" to a future​

Well, if the mechanism of simultaneous entry of all the "versions" of ourselves occurs at the same time, and it is part of the growth resources of the higher levels of the human being, does the same happen for the planets? That is, do the planetary logos have several incarnations? And if so, how does it work?

Well, it is like that, since it is the way in which every conscious being that has active incarnations in the physical, etheric and mental planes of any system evolves, as long as it has a structure that allows the management of these incarnations, since, for example, neither the Asimoss, Amoss nor any of the members of the races that rule the life system on our planet can have more than a single active life, since, when they disconnect from their Higher Selves and produce the dissolution of their super-souls, "they were left" with a management structure composed only of the spirit body, the soul body and the energetic and physical structure that each species had. To compensate for this, the Asimoss and many other races learned to change their avatar every 15,000 years, approximately, to "never die," transferring their consciousness, personality and soul bodies and spirit from one body to another, and thus achieving "eternal longevity".

So, does our planet have other "lives"?

Right. Specifically, it has 5. But we are going to go through steps to explain it little by little.

First, we will start by saying that our planetary logos, which calls itself Kumar in Irdin, as you already know, acts both as supra-soul and as supra-spirit of the different “incarnations” that it has, in five “lives” that represent five “Earths,” separated from each other by cycles of 26,000 years. Just as if we had only five lives and each one was in a historical epoch of the Earth separated X years from each other.

If we focus on a single human being, I think the concept can be understood more or less, because we move in the historical line of events of our planet and we "know" that we have an active incarnation now in the time of Sumeria, that we have another active incarnation in ancient Greece, we have another in the Middle Ages, etc. So, with greater or lesser difficulty, we can get used to the idea of "where" the other projections of ourselves are. However, for our planet, this seems more complicated, where are the other "lives" on Earth?

If we as human beings co-exist on the track that our planet takes from its physical creation approximately 4.5 billion years ago, to “its future.” the Earth possesses all its incarnations on the track of the solar system that carries all of “history of the solar system” from its creation to its “future”.

This means that, if we paint a timeline from the beginning of the solar system to the "end of it," knowing that all moments are co-existent in time, in that line there are five "Earths,” separated by a "Planetarium" cycle 26,000 years apart, but each with a different timeline from the other planetary incarnations, so that it is like a highway with five lanes (and various heights, to house the physical, etheric and mental lane of each line) where you cannot go from one to another, and where each “car” has its starting point in a different place on the highway.

In fact, a better analogy is to say that it is like a running track where the runners have starting positions slightly physically separated from each other and therefore the one running in the right lane starts from a marked point on the ground different from the point of the runner next to him. If the difference between those points were thousands of years, we would say that the runner at one end begins his run X thousands of years after the runner next to him has.


If in the upper image each of the corridors were a "simultaneous life" of Kumar on one "Earth,” the difference in the starting point would be a cycle of 26000 years, and each "humanity" of each cycle is independent of the previous ones, not being able to pass lane, nor interfere, nor join, etc.

This may be better visualized if we see it in a scheme such as the one below. What Kumar (and his Higher Self, we will talk about it too) has to manage, are five incarnations in five "planets" that serve him as an avatar, which are all the "Earth,” but each one is in a different cycle (lane) in the running track. Therefore, our “present Earth” (this reality and the 15.6Hz nE) we are in the second lane of this solar track or highway, because our version of the planet was created in the second cycle of the Kumar projection of part of himself to "animate" with his consciousness this avatar that is our planet.

Kumar’s Higher Self
Kumar-Supra-soul (planetary logos)
Earth # 1 Earth # 2 (ours) A cycle of separation Earth # 5
The separation between the "simultaneous lives" of Earth, if we lived it in "linear" time, is a cycle of 26,000 years, but, since they are on different time lines, that does not mean that our "humanity" of the incarnation of the current Earth (number 2) is going to become humanity # 3 within that cycle, since that "humanity" of the next planetary Incarnation already "exists" in its own time-space.​

Before Earth # 2 “to which we belong,” in the next lane, there is an incarnation of our planetary logos on an “Earth” that was created one cycle (26000 years) before and, in our lane on the other side, there is an “Earth” that was created 26000 years after ours, and there is another one beyond that was created another 26000 years later, and the last incarnation of the logos, in the fifth and “last” simultaneous life that it has manifested, it was a cycle later.

This allows Kumar to advance and evolve as a being, incarnating in "five planets" at the same time, all those planets being the same as for us they are the bodies that we use in five lives that we have in other historical times, with other names, other experiences, other content, other processes, but, at the end of the day, being our own Higher Self and our same supra-soul the one that manages everything, because let's not forget that the “local” soul that you are now in this life, is different from the soul that you are in the 10th century, just as, from the palm of your hand that represents the supra-soul, each finger has a different energy and is separated from the rest of the fingers (the other lives), but all united and coordinated by the common structure that it is the palm of the hand.

Thus, the planetary soul that animates the planet we inhabit, which is a projection of Kumar, is different from the planetary soul that animates the projection of the "first" Earth, or the third or the fifth, which are like "fingers” of an even larger hand that connects all with Kumar.

The Higher Self of the planetary logos

This means, as you have already seen, that our planetary logos also has a Higher Self. But, is it the same "type" and "concept" of Higher Self as when we talk about the Higher Self of a human being or any other form of life?

No. Although it is also an "orb of consciousness and pure energy,” the same function as the Higher Self that animates all beings from any point of the Creation, the planetary and solar logos have Higher Selves that have been created with a power, capacity and unimaginable potential for the human mind to perform the function of guiding the being that incarnates on a planet or that incarnates in a star for its evolution. Therefore, the Higher Self of Kumar, also born from the galactic logos (which does not have Higher Self, "he" in itself contains the evolutionary mechanisms for that function), belongs, let's say, to another hierarchy of "Higher Selves" different from the hierarchy or groups of Higher Selves that assist humanity or any other living being in the galaxy.

And what is in the other Earths?

Well, there are other humanities, which have nothing to do with ours. That have taken very different paths, that they do not have nor have they suffered harassment from the Asimoss, since they only entered Earth # 2 from their own timeline, thus, in the versions of the Earth of the first cycle of Kumar, and in the three subsequent to ours, humanity is different from how we are now, simply because the manipulation of the trodoon did not take place and all the events that at posteriori has led to the creation of the current humanity that we are, as homo sapiens.

Are they more or less advanced than us?

At an evolutionary level, and as a whole, the "humanity" of Earth # 1 (the first that was created from our perspective of "linear" time) is somewhat less "advanced" than us. Since it has been left untouched, without the intervention of the Amoss, Asimoss and other races, its growth in many aspects has been slower, since they have not been given any technology, they have not had catalysts or triggers that have forced changes in the psyche collective, etc. They have been growing "at their own pace" and without any interference.

The "humanities" of "Earths" # 3, # 4 and # 5 are, on the contrary, much more advanced, all of them already in the version of the nE 15.6Hz that they have in their own cycles, that is to say, that they are already at the next evolutionary level, in their respective time lanes, which we are still working to access. This, however, has not been so easy or so "natural" for cycles 4 and 5, since the humanity of those two "Earths" made the evolutionary leap by technological means, raising the frequency of the global collective unconscious of their entire society in its moment and, by “technical” means, raising the vibration of all the humans of those two versions of Kumar until it put everyone at the minimum vibration of 15.6Hz that allowed them to make the leap to their version of the nE.

Kumar’s Higher Self
Kumar-Supra-soul (planetary logos)
New Earth # 2 15.6Hz New Earth # 3 15.6Hz New Earth # 4 15.6Hz New Earth # 5 15.6Hz
Earth # 1 7.8Hz Earth # 2 (ours) 7.8Hz Earth # 3 7.8Hz New Earth # 4 7.8Hz Earth # 5 7.8Hz​

Therefore, in the life # 1 of Kumar (the "first Earth") there is only the 7.8Hz version and humanity is centuries away from even knowing that there is a new evolutionary level, and the construction of structures of the nE has not started.

On Earth # 2 (ours), humanity is on the verge of evolutionary change (a few dozen human beings could make the leap in less than a decade) and the nE is 100% complete.

On Earth # 3 all humanity passed the evolutionary level in a "natural" way and they are all in the nE.

On Earths # 4 and # 5, humanity made the evolutionary leap by technological means and they are all also in their versions of the nE.

How was this technologically “forced” evolutionary leap reached?

The reason why this was allowed or facilitated has to do with the balance that Kumar sought for all his incarnations and "humanities,” so that, to counteract the difficulties that one of their "lives" (our Earth) are facing it was allowed to raise the frequency of other of his lives (which would be equivalent to a future life of Kumar from our vision) and, this way, the whole set of incarnations of our planetary logos can maintain a delicate balance. In exchange for facilitating this ascent of "evolutionary course" for humanity # 4 and # 5, they were asked to help the rest of the "humanities,” energetically speaking, so that, thanks to being more advanced, they now assist the logos to manage different frameworks and structures and energy flows of the whole of Kumar’s structure.

It would be as if we said, one of your "future" lives was much more advanced than us (theoretically), and allowed to make an evolutionary leap independently of the rest of incarnations, on the condition that it helps, from that other evolutionary level, to the rest of the lives still active in the lower level. This cannot be done at the individual level of the person, only at the planetary level, since all the evolutionary mechanisms for each human being maintain balance through the supra-soul of all our incarnations, so that more or less all advance at the same time and have the same evolutionary level, being in the historical epoch in which they are, but, for planets and their logos, it is perfectly feasible that one of their projections is on one level and others on another.

I hope that with this explanation I have expanded your field of vision and understanding of the evolutionary dynamics of humanity, our planet, its logos, etc. Perhaps later we will go into detail about how the humanities of "Earths # 4 and # 5" "assist" the rest, and other details, to the curious about the evolutionary processes that occur in each of the incarnations of our planetary logos.

David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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Aug 29, 2017
if gaia is the anchor to raise the milkyway to 5d or higher does that mean for this one of the 5 versions that exist in the milkyway or is it for all versions together, must be this version but thinking further what harm comes
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