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Jul 19, 2016
Christchurch, New Zealand
Please feel free to share any feedback from receiving a healing from a practitioner of any energy and/or sound healing modality / technique (including self-taught).

So this is not for practitioners, but for clients—when you are receiving, whether there was an energy exchange or not.

When I say feedback, it could be something like what I am sharing, but also how you felt and what you intuitively picked up during the session. Sometimes the one receiving can pick up on the same things the healer is doing and also possibly picking up (they don't have to pick up on it, but you may).


If you had a sound healing, you may have left your body for example, so talk about what happened during such an experience.

You can also provide information on how you felt after, in the weeks and months, if that is relevant to you. For example, you may have had a session for a specific reason, did it help, what changed, etc?

I will go first and share some info around my last dedicated healing session as a client, meaning not a group session which I get every weekend thanks to transients' distant healing group.

The last energy healing I had was a distant Reiki session back in October last year. The healer had the ability of being able to receive intuitive messages around what was going on in the areas being worked through using Reiki.

I was sent a detailed report which was quite personal, but I will go through it now and pick out some complete sections to provide the reader with an example of what can come up.

Heart: So much pain here, so much heaviness. Much density and darkness—not in any way ‘bad’ or harmful, just as it has been, but much grief for you here (much grief for us all). This is something which is carried over from other existences in which there are wounds to the heart, and as a consequence you are very very protective of your heart space, and I saw what looked like a smallish cage around it, to which you hold the key. I saw you at first very happy—or resolved—to have it remained firmly locked, and then you tossed the key very far away. I wasn’t sure if this is just the way it needs to be now so I stayed there a bit longer and then you were a bit lighter toward your heart space. Again you were holding the key (like an old-fashioned skeleton key), and again you tossed it but very close by and it was sort of buried, but in a place near where you could retrieve it, and the feeling was that it is just as it needs to be for now, but that you will choose to open it again when it is time. It did though indicate some movement in your relationship with your heart—less resolve to keep it locked up, and more of a choice now to do so.

It might be a helpful thing, as you feel guided, to do as many heart-opening exercises and actions as you can. People such as you who are mystical scholars and knowledge-bearers and healers now—and you have done this before and are very skilled at it, sometimes can be focused in the mind, and what will bring you greater joy, happiness, and self-resolve will be to focus efforts on this heart space, gently helping to ease the structure around it. What matters here is to do that which makes your heart sing—whatever art, music, nature things, looking at sweet animal pictures or videos—these activities have very real and energetic results for you. They will help you to move more into this heart-space, whenever it is the right time.


Knees: I went to your knees and suddenly they were bent backwards, like from the opposite way they would normally bend. It was less... disconcerting than it may sound. Everything is of course metaphoric. But the feeling was that you have been in some ways possibly holding yourself back. They then put on this golden splints, like in Forrest Gump and then one being turned to me and said, “Tell him that it’s up to him. Tell him this.” So I was to tell you that moving forward is up to you, and that you already know how to. It could be that with more heart-opening exercises and relinquishing self-sacrifice, you will be moved here very quickly. And then I saw you running and jubilant and the splints just fell away and you were free.​

Her Summary of the Session

If I were to try to summarize this, I would say that you are an incredible being who is much-needed on earth. But that it could be an incredible time for you to recognize and turn away from obligations and self-sacrifice, and move instead toward what and who truly make your heart sing. It is the sense of duty which has possibly made it challenging at times for you to see this, but that the more you lean into your everyday mastery—and speak your truth, even when uncomfortable, as long as it is from a place of equanimity and kindness—then you will manifest that which you seek. You are manifesting it. You are becoming that which you already are. It is an incredible time for you. Strictures and structures are falling away. See yourself as in charge of this dissolving process, as well as bringing in and bearing in the new.

Walking into and through the unknown is frightening, but you are loved, you are cherished, you are supported, you are surrounded with a team who knows you are already there. Your higher aspect included. With patience and the gentle release of self-sacrifice and opening of the heart and your own power, you are already there.​
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Jul 19, 2016
Christchurch, New Zealand
Looks like I need to go second as well!

Here's some feedback from two recent clients who have received healing from me. I'm pulling this off of my website under my testimonial section, hence the context it's been written in.

"I have experienced the benefits of energy healing before but this was definitely the best and here`s why:

Very soon after the session started, my body and mind became so relaxed. I felt like my energy body was floating over my physical body. I also felt grounded and safe at the same time.

I saw a turquoise ball of light with a pattern inside, and soon after I recalled a dream from the night before which brought me to a past life — I felt energy blockages suddenly release in my body. It was as if I had lost wings and they had returned as I felt my energy body swing up and down.

The day after I had a lot more energy, but at the same time I felt much more grounded. My dreams became clearer also.

This energy healing worked on so many levels and I truly recommend this.”​

and a second

"For me, it was miraculous.

One day, I had a painful, large Baker’s cyst behind my knee, causing difficulty walking for at least a dozen years. The next day, I noticed that I was not feeling my normal pain during a long photoshoot walk. I examined my knee, and the cyst was gone.

What had occurred was a long distance healing performed by Laron. I did not request anything in particular for that healing, except for help with my fatigue. I am an elder who is not adjusting well to slowing down. I didn’t tell him about my knee.

The healing procedure for me was easy. We agreed to a time, I crawled into bed to be quiet and receptive, and I fell asleep during some of the healing time.

Since then, an orthopedic surgeon told me that sometimes Baker’s cysts spontaneously disappear. Technically, it could have been a coincidence, but I remain convinced it was Laron’s healing intervention: a miracle for me, for which I am humbly and entirely grateful."
There must be one of you out there who has an experience to share from receiving a healing?


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Jul 31, 2016
Southern, California
When I received the healing session from you and others when I really needed it, I felt safe, Blissed out and crown, legs & arms tingled almost like chills but different. I felt MANY beings around me and I suddenly had clarity. I couldn't move because I felt so peaceful. I heard my stomach growl for the first time in a long time as that was the problem area.
When I went to sleep that night, I was with everyone astrally seriously felt like we were in a room and Its fuzzy but I knew everybody, never felt shocked or anything. I felt we all did something or worked on something and hung out as well. Details are hard to remember as I have not AP(astral projected in a long time.
The healing helped raise my vibration or frequency so much so I felt at home with that frequency if that makes sense. Sometimes these things are hard to put into words. I was also seeing many colors when I closed my eyes.
Most important session I've ever had and I felt energy coming in for 3 days straight or nearly 3 days which is extordinary!!
I was browsing, looking for something and seen this post and especially after Laron asked if I had anything to share, you BET I had some things to share lol.
Im glad to share anything else I remember if or when I do if the time comes.
Thanks for creating this post :)


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Aug 28, 2016
Here is one of my favorites, although it isn’t too recent. I was giving birth to my son, who got stuck. My doula called up a reiki master who was able to zero in on how my baby was stuck and coax him to move into the correct downward position. He was going a bit sideways into my hip. The reiki also helped me to relax so I could get my baby out. And I was ready after 3 days of labor.

Hailstones Melt

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Aug 15, 2016
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One of the repeating areas of suffering I have had is inflammation of the knees, but through the long series of emotionally-fraught experiences over a decades-long period of time, I came to realise that my knees were inflaming due to emotional cause. Once I worked on releasing the emotions, my knees would go back to normal. This debilitating effect has seen me on crutches for long periods of time, but I haven't needed a crutch for many years now. I have often used energetic healing (chi massage) where the therapist directs their own stored chi into the client's body, using acupressure (similar to an energetic acupuncture session - no needles required!) This has been very effective, but the emotional cause has needed to be removed each time, as that is driving the reoccurrence.
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Aug 12, 2016
And thanks for sharing. I hope we can get more people responding to share their experiences for the benefit of others.
I wanted to do a post about my healing sessions that happened during the 4-day RH seminar in 2015 in that former Reconnective Healing Journal thread of mine. I can do it here instead. Will do it later or another day though when I have more time.

I really got some exciting feedback results from my 'patients' back then, still happy about it today. So despite my practice start-up failure(s) I eventually already 'worked' or at least effectively 'acted' as a quasi-professional healer. That's something. :cool:o:)
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Feb 21, 2018
Here are my last two healing reports:-


I have actually asked today why we are not progressing with the Analysis (having said that I seem inundated with existing clients with major issues, and phone calls, and communication........I feel sure that something is either going on for me personally on a communication balancing front - we are always being taught, and my partner is determined after 2 years of my stalling, to set my website up ( - or generally with a great deal of releasing and expressing that is going on for everyone.
Horses, which make up about half of my practice, are also requiring much support.
Whether it is connected to the pre Spring cycle, or the full moon tonight/tomorrow, or the storms and "emotional release of past baggage" with the huge influx of water (water being the symbol for the emotions) and gales (air being very related to the mental), or just a speed up learning curve I am not sure.
I have also had my own back treated, which has created my usual working in the evenings on communication to pause, but I feel today we are getting there!
Coming back to your Analysis: I like to have a clear space without "emergency" work to carry out Analysis, and this week I have had to put a couple of new clients on hold due to a high work load. But as always these things go in cycles.
However, with yourself, every time I come to the Analysis, there is the guidance to hold the Analysis where we are, but to give treatments.
When I actually asked why tonight, I am informed that we are working with the energy of the subtle Mental field. Essentially the Higher Self, (the patient), and Source lead and guide treatments, and Analysis, which is very much on a need to know at this time basis.
I am guided that we are working one step at a time, and have found what is needed initially which is relevant for us to work on at this time. I am told we need to work with this first, which is more important than working on the physical levels, or seeking more causes.
The Rays are there, but again we need to focus on the initial Analysis work and treatments from this, and re balancing. I set up programmes to re balance at the optimum level and order for the patient, that which we find in the Analysis, and later re checks.
So, the work and treatments are very focussed on what I call "big picture" work on the mental energy field, and alignment of the subtle energy fields, cleansing, and clearing.
We are as it were working on clearing, and connecting things up to where they should be for you.
Your treatments relate to big subtle energy treatments, Archangel treatments, and at this time what I call Soul Journey work.
We are also, although we have begun the re balancing of the chakras/energy centres, only treating them from the mental aspects of each chakra.
I have not asked yet whether we are working on past life work, as that has not come up.
We are however working on significant shock to your mental field aspects of your Crown and Ajna/Brow chakras from damage at the age of 5.
When I look back at your case history I see that this is the time you lost your left eye.
So, I found this very interesting.
I would imagine that whilst Ron and I are/were both Radionic Practitioners, we may work slightly differently. I always say the patient will find the practitioner who resonates with the work that they need at this time.
Whilst one of the first things I look at in your Analysis is protection, and yes, we are working on very positive (not separating, as at one level we are all one, and I do not wish to separate in any way from the Higher energy fields, where no protection is needed as the vibration is much higher, and for me protection is very powerful symbols and light force to disperse and prevent any denser and negative energy, whilst attracting the Higher energies of Love, Light, and the higher aspects as it were of protection) protection for you,
I do not feel there is any block from Ron's work.
I shall check this however.
But, because you have asked me to treat you, and because I am working Radionically with your Higher Self energy, who knows what is for your Highest Good, and the pure energy of source, I feel any protection put in place by Ron would not need to be activated for our work?
But, as I say, I shall check.
So, at present we are working on overactive imbalance in your Mental field, clearing, and relationships to the chakras, and cleansing and aligning between the other energy fields.
Every time we come to treatment, treatments are very forthcoming, and although few in number, are very significant.
As I always say to new clients who have not used Radionics before - we do not jump around with size 15 wellie boots on. We work at the pace, and level that that patient requires at that time, guided by both the all knowing Higher self of the patient, the innate healing capacity of the patient and self adjusting reception for holistic healing, and for me Source/Divine Source/Universal Consciousness.

Possibly without asking, but looking at we have already found, it may be that your energy at this time is not as grounded as it should be, in that your "extended energy centre" Root chakra is not fully functioning at this time. This may make your "presence" less secure and "visible" in "owning the ground you stand on" and your physical presence.
We also are working to strengthen your Aura. Your Aura reading was not as it should be, and this relates to us working to restore the Aura, any damage or "leakage" in the Aura, and to revitalise, strengthen and "protect" your aura, which also should assist in your presence being greater and more visible.


I have now done the analysis for you and this how things look to me.
Your 'batteries' look flat right across the board, mental, emotional and physical, but particularly emotional ( astral) and the astral and etheric bodies seems out of alignment, so I am not surprised you are not feeling great.
The emotional aspects of the sacral and heart chakras were blocked too. There is a lot of shock locked into the system, which I am trying to free up. Try not to let angst from past events stop you moving forward.
Ancestrally it was indicate to clear the sycosis miasm, and there is some emotional baggage from a previous life.
On the physical level, the visual, adrenal, cardiovascular and skeletal systems came up for treatment. There is also a heavy load of toxicity which needs clearing from the etheric. Vehicle fumes, pesticides and old medication came up. There are signs that you might do better on a
more alkalising diet, ie one high in fruit and veg and maybe some fish.
A Ray analysis suggested you are, or are potentially, a very creative person, and the flower remedies which came up with it suggest you are
not making the most of this. (Music and literature seem to be emphasised right now).
I will put you on distant treatment now for all these concepts for a month.

The first healer stopped communicating with me a month later, to this day I do not know why? All I know is that they would not talk to me despite what they said in their report.

The second one carried through and helped me to clear a lot of blockages such that I'm able to carry on healing under my own steam (at least for the time being).

The Ray analysis was :-

Soul - 4th
Personality - 4th
Mental - 3rd
Astral - 4th
Etheric - 4th
Physical - 3rd
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Jul 19, 2016
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Based on a healing I received, here is some feedback by a shamanic healer and psychic I was dating back in 2011 in Sydney. Note that by this time I had had a number of free psychic readings from her and knew she was very accurate, so much so that I introduced her to the technical consultant (taught the psychics) for an audition to season 2 of the channel 7 TV series, The One, but she didn't get on in the end. (the consultant was my healing teacher, as I was attending his metaphysical college and studying a Diploma in Energetic Healing at the time. Also later on the third runner up on the show ended up being my psychic development teacher at the college)

I'm sharing this from the perspective of a teacher providing examples of how emotional attachments create health issues. (I recorded the feedback from after the session so was able to note down exactly what came up)

Left foot
Shards in there. (they were all removed) Feeling and emotion was really angry, super angry. To do with receiving. A lot of times when I have not been given to. People haven’t been there. Haven’t been able to receive from others. Lots of anger around that. Stored anger, someone letting me down​
This related to a girl I was dating a few months before who suddenly cut all contact and created a false situation as an excuse to leave me.​
Left foot​
Right Groin, in hip
Similar to left foot area, but about giving — people appreciating what I give. People not letting me give to them. For all the relationships I'd had in my life that I tried to give (love) to them and they didn't appreciate or accept it; it's not because of what I had to give wasn’t as value, it was because they were not able to receive. It was their own issues of not being able to receive. It made me feel I wasn't valued.​
Belly / Sacral Chakra
Lot's of sadness (healer cried). All cleared, the whole area was related to all the sadness was about being alone, being isolated. Not having others to connect with. All cleared out. Was a lot of sadness. Not just from this life — been through it a few times.​
All the energy was not flowing correctly and now it is all cleared and flowing OK.​
Third eye connected to throat and related to speaking. She felt when I'm in my head, I am grappling to understand the things that I want to do, but feel like I cant do. I have to value what I already do and stop searching and looking outside myself and to do the things I want to be able to do. I need to look inside myself and own and value what I do now and to realize what I already do and realize the things that I do well. That will come out in what I have to speak and write. It’s about starting and immersing myself in what I am already great at and then from doing that, new abilities will open up. I have to truly value the things that I am already good at. I need to write more because I am good at it. This was the year I started transients, and also two years before I left my I.T. career so I could focus on my holistic healing path.
Less work figuring out what I am going to be good at and more focus on valuing what I am already good at and putting my energy into that and it will smooth me energetically provide a foundation.​
If I spend all my time outside myself searching, im not connected clearly, so if I stay within and value what I already have, I have the foundation to explore from.​
Reading is a gift as well, and is something im good at. I ground onto this planet the things I give attention to so others have access to it. Im good at observing information…. it’s a gift she said.​
I’m a writer, I AM A WRITER, she told me to tell myself. Own it… I am a writer, healer and teacher!​
Left Arm
The left arm was the area she had this information come from: She had a sense of my guides being there. She said I am my guides. They are the spirits of past lives, but all are me. So its my own wisdom in them. She said I am my higher self. I’m not a part sole going through karma and lessons learnt. I am me. The guides are other lives, other forms of me but it’s all me. I don’t have external separate entity guides.​
She said it might be why I feel and experience isolation so much (which came up in the healing). She said I am an independent spirit. That’s why I get a feeling of isolation because I have not released who I am.​
Right Arm
She heard the name Raphael and Samuel. She later said that I am Raphael. (or perhaps a part of me? as it's a bit hard to fathom that I am an archangel, but she was so accurate with everything else. I think Samuel was about me battling my shadow self)​
Let Leg
Left leg not activated properly so she fixed that. White light flashed next to my foot afterwards.​

Here are my last two healing reports:-
Thanks for sharing Toller. <3s
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Jul 20, 2016
Mine is a little different. I asked Laron for healing sessions for my dog who came to us recently with ACL tears in both hind legs and a heart issue.

In the first session, Donovan went to sleep beside me and stayed that way for two hours. Initially, I felt a cloud of energy around both of us, and then it settled on him. I started having visions - maybe a representation of the healing. There were several people in something like an idyllic farm setting. Everyone was doing different kinds of creative projects, and Donovan was walking around visiting each person.

There was a second energy expansion, which was around us both, but settled back to him.

Then I saw Donovan being let go out of a car along back country road. The car sped off and he ran as fast as he could for a long time, but could not catch up. We know he was abandoned in a town west of us, so this might have been what happened to him and how he got the ACL tears.

I did not have visions the second time, but a memory popped in. I recalled meeting a police dog (Belgian Malanois) that was extraordinary - I could sense his perfect health.

Donovan moved around several times, changing the side he was laying on.

Near the end, my heart chakra got warm and the lotus flower opened. I kept hearing perfection of health and felt an energy around Donovan and me.
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