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So, for some reason, which may just be because the length of this article was so long, it wasn't posted on the forum here a few days back when I posted it.

What this means is that people who comment on the article will not see their comments come up on the forum here, on the thread linking to it. For examle, Da-da has commented but it won't show on the forum, just the article. The actual article is here, Frequency Peak, Wave X, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 9

What I will do is close this thread so that any comments can be made on the actual article, otherwise they will be in separate places. So I will just paste in an excerpt manually below.

laron submitted a new article.

September Frequency Peak, Wave X, New Earth and the Shift in Consciousness | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 9

"It’s been a year since I posted this QHHT session I had with my past life regression client Lai which had a strong focus on the September Frequency Peak energies coming through to the Earth last year, as well as a few other fascinating topics which are listed below.​

If you have read this particular session before, I highly suggest you read it again.

What I have found based on the experience of closely monitoring activities and people’s emotions around the world, especially the webbot, is that certain future forecasts — psychic predictions — that have a specific month mentioned, can occur partly in that month but not complete fully. In these situations I see the same month come along again and the same prediction come into play which may or may not fully transpire.

Earlier in the month I intuitively felt that this was the case for the information that came through in this Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session. I feel it’s still very pertinent.

Note that the quality of most of the info which has come through in these sessions with Lai is worth combining and eventually publishing. I have plans to do another ten or so sessions, at least, with Lai, and put out a book eventually...."


"Topics discussed:

  • Lai is taken to a broadcasting centre in the sixth dimension operated by energy beings. This place sends gamma-ray energy to the Earth for a number of different reasons. Detailed info explains what is going on this month with the energies, as well as mention of info packets being sent to Earth that contain new ways of doing things, such as new healing modalities — created by varying races of ETs.
  • A number of key sources sending energies our way, from asteroids, comets, Nibiru, the Sun, an alignment and the Galactic Center. This relates to the shift in consciousness which ties into Dr. Simon Atkins’ ‘Wave X’ situation
  • The way ego impacts our thoughts in relation to the varying races of ETs that exist
  • The healing & manifestational power of trees, especially when used in connection so spinal related issues. Info also explains that the trees are receiving more energies than humans are right now and are very important to use as part of our lives
  • Entities riding ‘wave x’ and how fear can create problems for people based on manifesting their own issues
  • How our thoughts, as a global civilisation, are controlling many aspects of the earth from earth changes, climate, to many other areas
  • An update on the ‘New Earth’ situation and how things are going very slowly
  • A technique for those wishing to positively influence change within individuals, specifically useful for those people out there in leadership positions around the world (Now is a VERY good time to do this within a meditation based focus)"
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