Seeking Help to Make the Rules of Non-Intervention More Flexible (1 Viewer)

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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
David Topi submitted a new article.
After the last article where we set in motion a complicated process to request all Higher Selves to execute the request to expel all entities and members of the different races in control, through a petition to the soul, and by order of the planetary consciousness, the result has not been as expected, and the countermeasure put in place by...
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Sweetheart of the Rodeo
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Jul 20, 2016
I spoke the prayer / affirmation / request last night, and out of nowhere I heard a dove cooing outside the window. Also, I think this idea is in line with a dream where I sensed shackles being released and felt something like nuts and bolts dropping off. Then I saw the same thing happening to people around me.

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