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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
The Perigee Moon yesterday was a powerful one, acting like a Full Moon (in Libra). In my neck of the woods I found myself amidst a major traffic accident and closed road on the way to a rather urgent appointment.

Also, although news from the world is limited for me in the country I am in at present, I do know there is a major volcanic eruption happening on Mount Etna in Sicily, which a Full Moon or Perigee or both combined often exacerbates when its active.

Among all the world’s volcanoes, Mount Etna has the longest recorded history of eruptions, dating back to 1500 B.C. Since then, the volcano has erupted about 200 times and has been very active in recent decades. This time its fairly serious and is still building in intensity.

There also a Cyclone happening right now in Northern Queensland devastating coastal areas. Then there are Geomagnetic Storms which often happen in March anyway with the strongest storm of the new Solar Cycle 25 erupting, sending bright auroras across Canada and Alaska during the G2-class event.(Visit to find out what makes March so lively.)

Today begins the Disseminating Moon phase which is a time for sharing information and conveying our awareness to those who are receptive.

Tomorrow is very exciting as Mars moves into Gemini until the 23rd April, about 6 weeks which is going to increase our communication tremendously, sharpen our minds too and basically means acting on our thoughts and multitasking if we have to. It definitely speed things up a lot after the slower pace of Mars being in Taurus, although it sped Taurean types up quite a bit for sure.

I hope it slowed Aries down for a while but it would have got them doing the hands on stuff all the same! For Arians who like to be busy mentally and physically this is a good thing, but words could be said a bit hastily and in a cutting way if care isn’t taken which could apply for any of us in fact.

There could also be some anxiety for some of us but others will relish getting their messages across quickly and efficiently.

Geminis of course will be totally in their element and spreading the word as always and doing so in assertive ways that could cause arguments in certain cases, so try to think twice before you speak your truth, or truth as you perceive it Gemini peoples, and try to be a little diplomatic on whom you tell what to.

Rather put this energy to good use by taking up some new studies or doing some writing or teaching as this is excellent energy for teachers.

The main message is to make sure we all listen to the other peoples before we start talking. We must make sure we hear the more subtle nuances of what is being said, adding some care and compassion to the mix.

Globally Mars in Gemini is going to bring a whole new energy to the social platform areas and other media. This is the energy of “telling the truth with a razor blade” so lets hope it’s the real truth. I have a Piscean feeling that it could well be.

Venus in Pisces tomorrow will be in a happy sextile to Uranus in Taurus speaking of kindness and compassion. This aspect will also bring some original ideas and sharpen our intuition and imagination on what we can do to help and provide care and security for those we come in contact with.

This is an aspect that could produce some amazing creations in our homes or gardens or with art or anything else that that attracts our attention. It’s a whole new approach and energy to our daily routines as well, and especially so for Taureans, Librans, Pisceans and Aquarians

In 2 days Mercury conjuncts Jupiter which is good news for many of us and could bring a happy meeting or reunion. This happens in Aquarius, so is excellent for groups and causes, or community events. This is a wonderful aspect of opening our minds to accept new concepts within our environment and communities that promote equality and good health.

Sagittarians and Aquarius, Virgos and Geminis will love this one but it's there for us all to enjoy. This one enhances our thinking and speaking, or any form of new learning or communication.
And I hope it also brings good news on our Media for a change!

An interesting footnote for the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury is that Gemini or Virgo "types" could meet a Sagittarian type (or foreign person) in a destiny sense or a Sag type could meet a Gemini or Virgo type. Both sign types could get some important positive news in this period ahead as could Aquarian types. It happens at 17 degrees Aquarius.
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