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Experienced Traveler
So as there are more than a few interesting videos of this channel why not post here the ones that serve to analise the hidden things

on this one is the question for me why this gas that provoques headaches


Healer, Musician, Astral-Traveler
Retired Moderator
I know them for quite a while. It is an interesting channel for sure. Sometimes a bit of speculation, but still well done and often he says he does not know but only makes suggestions.


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the interesting part is suggestions and speculations can be discussed until the point it becomes evident

and another important point the videos are not too long


Realized Sentience
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Very good idea Alain. I just watched the video......how can a gas leave a black residue? I think that one is very suspicious. Thanks, look forward to some interesting ideas, we have great brains and great psychics on this site.

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