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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
scorpio new moon.jpg

Happy New Moon Scorpios, and Happy relationship New Moon Taureans!
(New beginnings for both signs today but for Scorpios of course it’s the biggest new beginning of the year in all areas of their lives.)

And for the rest of us it’s a new beginning in the sector of our lives that is covered by this sign in our birth charts.
For me it’s my place of friends and colleagues, also groups and causes plus my solar place of hopes and dreams- travel etc.

This is no ordinary New Moon as it’s also Perigee so it tends to act a little like a Full Moon and exaggerate our emotions and any mental ailments and health issues, or bring them out to heal at least.

It’s an extreme New Moon that could bring some Earth events such as EQS although they are not usually as extreme as Perigee (Supermoon) Full Moons.

Scorpios do not move easily from their set routines, nor do Taureans or other fixed signs, but this New moon should be strong enough to set Scorpios on a new path even if it means letting certain people and situations go for good.

One reason for this is that we are now under the “shadow of the eclipse” energies of the Total solar Perigee eclipse mid Dec and all that it means for the world and individuals. As this one is about Law and Education, Travel and expanding horizons, it stands to reason that some of the breakthroughs begin to happen now and especially so if there are other signs in our own charts of great change coming or something that’s been hanging over us for far too long.

At any rate this is the starting point for action as Mars in his own sign is direct, bringing more need for dynamic action and the courage to carry it through, whatever it is you have been wanting or working on. Now is the time to get it moving and plan new strategies.
(Especially if you are a strong Arian type or have a strong Mars in your birth charts.)
Even if you don’t you will have more “get up and go” than usual.

This New Moon is at 23 degrees Scorpio and the Sabian symbol is (always use the following degree for symbols) “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man”. This is suggesting that some time in the coming month someone is going to step up and inspire us with their words, but on the symbolic level its about our own inner voices telling us what we need to hear and peeling away the layers that obscure our inner vision.

"All is about to be revealed" is the basic meaning and being able to see through any bias or untruths.
So this is the promise of what is to come and with some insight and a little imagination we can work out the meaning for ourselves.

The New Moon is accompanied by the Sun sextile to Jupiter, a positive, inspirational aspect of better things to come and light at the end of the tunnel. For the Globe and World leaders too.

This one is good for Leos and Scorpios, Sagis and Capricorns but the Sun involved means all of us will benefit.

The Sun is also sextile to Pluto which is extra promising for Scorpios as well as Capricorns.

Mercury in Scorpio is in quincunx to Chiron in Aries, a promise that some of us will need to call on our inner wisdom to understand the complexities of proceedings to come in the times ahead. This means to keep our thinking caps on and rely on our own critical thinking ability if necessary, but also to follow our natural intuition.

Some of this could actually be painful if we have to question our old beliefs.

Ceres back in Pisces is going to be very helpful in the month ahead in areas of understanding and caring for others with compassion and a gentle approach where needed.

Tomorrow there is an intensity coming back in with Venus in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn, an aspect that can bring feelings that could turn a little obsessive, or wanting to blame others, but is still very focused and loyal to the extreme.

Taureans and Librans, Scorpios and Capricorn may encounter some of this in others or feel it themselves.

But Venus is also squaring Jupiter which helps us throw it all to the wind and celebrate what we can with the positives that are beginning to emerge.

Exciting times ahead as in 2 days Mercury will again oppose Uranus to shocks our socks off as we hear new announcements that many will not be expecting.
The media is again going to go wild as at present there is much censorship happening with the same.

We can all expect the unexpected that day or sooner as Perigee New Moons stretch out longer than usual and with the moon by then in Sagittarius this will go global.

So to quote the NZ moon diary that was compiled at least 18 months ago or longer. “More of the same intensified !” Only it will be more of the unexpected as well!
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Sweetheart of the Rodeo
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Jul 20, 2016
I'm a Scorpio - I can feel lots going on in the present and just over the horizon, and I feel good about it. Went for a haircut, and the young lady cut it much shorter than I asked; however, it feels just right - big change that turned out quite well. All righty (she says as she rolls up her sleeves).


Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
I keep getting scenarios playing out (in my half awake dreams) where things going on around me come to confrontation. I play with the possibilities, deciding where I want to go with it and where I don't want to go with it. I keep coming up with some form of 'dropping the rope', ie, not engaging in the confrontation at all, ie, not feeding the wolf of confrontation. It's a lot like a martial artist deftly stepping/turning aside, allowing the momentum of another to do what it will without being touched by it, thus being free to do whatever one wants next.

Instead, I feel like I turn around, talk to my friends and create something new and, IMO, beautiful, ie something I'd like to see emerge, doing things in the spirit of what I really love and believe in. The key in this piece seems to be both the stepping aside and the coming together to connect + create.
It does feel like this way of being results in a divide, as some continue to seem to feel the need for confrontation, fairly slathering over it. This reaction of needing to confront no matter what looks rather ugly and so people react that way to it, making decisions relatively easy about where they are comfortable with + what they will walk away from whereas previously it would have been easier for so many of us to gloss over the whole scenario.

That's how it all been repeatedly playing out in these scenarios running through my half dreams, anyway. I do love that I have some say in them, ie, that I get to play them out and see how they turn out :cool:

Also, Janne, I just have to say: Yet another stunning piece of artwork! I could happily sink into this one for hours<3
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