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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

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Yesterday did bring the sudden, extremely sad news with our friend Ed Tamplins passing, (see yesterdays post on my FB page), with Mercury opposing Uranus, Scorpio to Taurus, and today is a more sombre day with the Sun square to Saturn, Libra to Capricorn, which will bring some pondering and a “reality bites” kind of energy for many.

This brings to mind that it's time to take care of business if we have been putting things off, face the music so to speak and face what we have to face, look life squarely in the face, especially so for Librans and Capricorns or that "type" of person or any of us that feels these energies strongly.

This happens on 14 degrees Capricorn and Libra.

One of the meanings of this aspect is that of dealing with or calling on authorities in our lives, or those who have power over us, even if we are not fond of doing the same.
It can also be about facing the inevitable that we have been trying to escape from.

Saturn has the power to bring us into line and deal with rules and regulations, and to take the hard path for a while to solve any long term or ongoing issues.
This does not have to be a bad thing.

Saturn can bring out our best and our worst and for some this aspect will bring a drop in our immunity levels, so there is a need to take extra care of health around this period if there have been Saturn afflictions for a while in our own birth chart.

This aspect can bring matters to a head in many different ways and it can be sad, or bring negativity if we let it, which means in turn that today we may have to call on our inner strength more than usual, or some of us at least.

On the other hand if we are used to Saturn's energy we will toughen up and do what has to be done.
Some of the more hard nosed business folk will thrive under this aspect, making hard decisions that could for them pay off.

Saturn has many faces just like all the planets.

So we can ponder on the saying, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” but still , there will be fears to face today and matters to confront for many of us so lets hope we can handle that in ways that bring positive results long term.

With Libra involved, its all about fairness, but Saturn brings judgement, so politically for many on the global scene, this could be a little harsh. I always write about societies tendency to blame, punish and control. This aspect reminds us of that in it’s worst form.

So lets do our bit to rise above those energies today to a better place, and use the aspect in ways that help not hinder self or others.

There is some help around, with Neptune in Pisces trining Pallas in Scorpio, as mentioned yesterday, which does help us to delve into our darker depths and come up with enlightenment as we draw on the power of our inner spiritual warrior Goddess to help us fight the good fight, and view the bigger picture that comes from our higher self.

Tomorrow Venus moves into Scorpio so that love gets deep and loyalties stronger, and we can all think of the people we value most in our lives. This also is about what we value most.

Venus will remain in Scorpio until the beginning of November which will bring more love and positive happenings for that sign to enjoy .

Libran and Taurean people will enjoy the more in depth feelings too and get to explore their passions a little more than usual during this time.
We can all do the same in fact.

Mars in Libra, where he is not quite so strong as usual, will oppose Chiron in Aries which is also about our inner fighting spirit when it involves overcoming adversity and dealing with past emotional wounds.
Acceptance seems to be big theme in this as Mars will not have the strength to oppose or argue with anyone who is giving wise advice, as he is in his opposite sign so much weaker than usual.

He has no choice but to heed good advice, but still this is a sign of the need for action if healing is to be achieved on all levels.
So this aspect would apply mostly to Librans, and Arians type people.

The moon is currently in Aquarius for the coming two days which is a universal, humanitarian sign that believes in equality of all people and will fight for a cause that is worthy.

This in itself will help us look outside of self and see that bigger long term picture and use Saturn's lessons in positive ways.


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