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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

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We are passing through an interesting period this month as Mars and Venus by transit are opposing Saturn in Aquarius12 and 11 degrees.

2 days ago Mars had an exact opposition at 12 degrees Aquarius/Leo, and these sign/planetary influences by definition are about strict, dictatorial leadership versus freedom of speech of the people, of the communities around us.

And what is happening just now but laws being passed in NZ and Aust, or looked at being passed for amendments to the old hate speech laws which appear to be fairly intact anyway, but some words will be changed if it goes through that could stretch the changed laws to persecuting people who speak out on political matters and Government policies and rules or new laws many do not agree with, especially concerning our health and well-being, our freedom to choose what we believe is best for ourselves in that regard.

Saturn has a lot to do with strict rules in Gov offices, and Mars is fueling the fire of their need to continue doing what they have been doing, even to increase their power over the people.

So its very interesting to see these new laws coming which have also extended to our preferred social media, introducing these new rules on extremism, censoring for the most innocent of posts against anyone who voices strong opinions which have nothing to do with actual extremism.

Apart from the global effect this Saturn/Mars aspect has brought many people more aches and pains (including me) and a feeling of being between a rock and a hard place.

It's brought a butting of heads especially those of the Capricorn nature , or Arian or Aquarius, Leos too for that matter.
I was lucky to have a good outcome myself with the head butting but many wouldn’t have had.
I have a Capricorn ascending sign which natally opposes Mars.

I was blessed by Chariklo and her compassion both in giving and receiving which helped me..

But physically I did find the Saturn/Mars aspect rather trying.

For those with a very strong will this aspect would have been helpful to stick to your guns especially if there were planbets anywhere in your chart around 12 degrees, Leo and Aquarius most of all.

Today on this American Independence day, although by now its late in the day there, the Sun is quincunx to Saturn in Aquarius which continues that slight edge of control and even negativity but its showing ways to get around that.

A quincunx allows negotiation and this is so especially for Capricorns and Aquarians, Cancerians and Leos but being the Sun, this is helpful for all of us if we still feel caught between that rock and hard place. There IS a way out if we persevere.

The oppositions and this quincunx could mean some legal hassles for the signs involved and some unfinished business to tend to at this time.

This is especially so with Mars in Leo square to Uranus in Taurus which is about companies, banks, money and changes taking place in the same. This could be personal or involving companies we work for.
It can also involve hassles around vehicles, property such as houses or land or investments.

The aspect itself could cause machinery breaking down or even accidents involving vehicles or with aviation as Uranus and Mars do often influence our transportation.

It's not the best of aspects for travel at any rate it is tends to cause a little road-rage here and there through impulsive actions or moods.

This aspect can upset our routines quite a bit with sudden developments physically or otherwise.

Jupiter quintile to Uranus is a little soothing at least, happening from Pisces to Taurus. This at least keeps us alert mentally and helps us find inventive solutions to anything dire that comes our way.

Tomorrow the Sun will square Chiron in Aries from 13 degrees Cancer which should or could help us with our aches and pains and grievances, or at least put the right person in our path to give advice and inspire our own wise wounded healer/teacher archetype within.
This reminds us that everyone has it within themselves to bear and deal with any issue or pain they are inflicted with, even if they have to ask for help to do so

I will mention the other opposition here Leo to Aquarius 11-12 degrees, which will be Venus opposing Saturn in 4 days time. This is one where some of us could feel alone or isolated. We may be missing someone and feeling unloved and unsupported.

This aspect could also cause more expenditure than we hoped for, or lacking in security on some level. Its not good for finances or property matters as a rule .

This is probably a good day to lay low, rest up and seek some light entertainment to bring some laughter, or if you need to cry then watch something that will help you release any sorrow you have been bottling up.

As the Moon will be in Gemini you may find everyone wants to make contact to talk their worries out or fears, as this one could bring the same and it will definitely bring the dilemma of whether to spend time alone in peaceful solitude or get out amongst people for solace into a buzzing shopping mall.

If you do the latter try not to spend too much with this aspect around !

By this time the Balsamic Moon phase would have begun which is an unfavorable time for beginning something new, but favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general. A time for personal reflection, tying up loose ends.

Keywords: Incubation; Preparation; Closure; Surrender

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