Article Saturn opposes the Sun. Time to face reality and do something about it. (1 Viewer)

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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
May be a drawing

This is a small but important post as today Saturn is opposing the Sun at 21 degrees Leo and Aquarius.

This is an influence of “reality bites”, of realisation that we can't put something off any longer as if we do we will have consequences to face.

This aspect can be very much about authorities standing over us or societies conventional rules sneaking up on us, or we could say the same about time. It’s a realisation that time waits for no-one and that we live in a physical world that can be cold and harsh at times and take things from us, people too in the blink of an eye , make us suffer in ways we do not deserve, or that is how it seems but in fact Saturn is a karmic planet and keeps us honest , stops us deluding ourselves into a false sense of security and oddly gives us strength to handle anything.
So on the other hand he has good points as he will force us to do something about our grievances and regain structure in our lives , do the hard work whether its about love or money or health.

This is an aspect of putting in the hard work to get what is wanted or needed.

For some it could bring some extra worry or negativity so if you are in this frame of mind then seek the company of those who are naturally positive and motivating to be around or just take time out to rest and nurture self….But its also the best time frame to actually do something practical about a situation , get yourself organised as Saturn is very good at that.
Leos and Aquarians, Capricorns too especially those with planets or points near these sign degrees or other fixed signs may feel a bit lacking in energy today or have a few more aches and pains than usual. I began to feel this with my Capricorn ascending sign later yesterday, extra tired and now I know why. This too will pass!

Mercury is in an inconjunct to Chiron that is helping us call on the inner wisdom and healing powers we all carry with us. This is at 17 degrees Virgo and Aries. This aspect is helping us to juggle any complex issues or situations to find the best solutions, especially for Arians, Virgos and Geminis but we can all call on this energy if needed.

Mars at 26 degrees Taurus is trine to Pluto in Capricorn giving us all endurance and strength to toughen up to meet any challenges head on. This is a slightly ruthless energy to push back when needed, using our own inner power. This is very good for Capricorns and Scorpios too , Taureans and Arians most definitely.

As well as this the Moon at some stage of your day will conjunct Jupiter so those cheerful and motivating people will appear when needed especially if you are a sensitive Cancerian or anyone else going through hard Saturnian times at present.

Today is the beginning of the Disseminating Moon phase, a time for conveying our awareness, sharing information with those who are receptive.


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