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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand


Saturn stations today after being Rx since April.

A station point of the major planets is a time when any transiting aspects they have been making to our natal planets are triggered, as it’s a turning point for the same, and for the effects these transit have had on our lives.

Anything Saturn is involved in has a huge impact on our lives and I do believe the sign of Cancer has suffered most , as over the years I have observed the opposition of Saturn in many charts and seen the effects on people’s lives with their health, families, relationship, their income, legal matters and more.

This is especially so if there are hard aspects at birth of Saturn to their sun.
If the aspects are trines or sextiles even conjunctions – the effect of any hard Saturn transit is not so bad.

Saturn always brings hard life lessons but it also makes us stronger, hence the saying “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”. This applies more with Saturn than any other planet except perhaps Pluto. But with Pluto we get warnings and wakeup calls for rebirth.

Saturn has a tenacity to push us to the brink of life or death.

This date now is a real turning point for the better, as in the months ahead our worst issues ease, and more support comes to help us through the dark times and to reestablish our security on all levels, Help is on the way and burdens are easing.

The heavy feelings will leave us now, especially if there have been "Saturn returns" or oppositions involved, or any other harsh aspects of Saturn.

Saturn is not all bad and he will bring out our strengths, force us to work on our weaknesses.

For some he brings commitments when he is in the hard aspects to our Sun especially, and this can mean marriage for females, or business commitments for anyone. Commitment is not a bad thing .

He brings more need for control of our security zones and can make us a little brittle or harsh when opposite, or square to our signs. He toughens us up.

Saturn teaches us self-discipline and management skills, responsibility too. He doesn’t let up until he brings out our very best and forces us to let go of the weaknesses.

He is hard on health and while he is around we need to drink more water as his influence is drying to the system. Our immune levels can drop if we do not take extra care of self, so more vitamin C is a needed and a healthy diet in general.

He plays havoc with our teeth and joints as well, so Magnesium is definitely needed.
In the case of Cancerian it’s their stomach and digestive systems that suffer and for women especially, their hormonal systems.

I could of course write a book about this. Saturn especially brings old karma to take care of depending on where he is in our birth charts.

Mine is family and relationships, children especially, but also female family members or older family members, and he is also my very "self" as he rules my ascending sign.

So this is an important day today signaling great change to come for the better, so take heart, all who have been suffering one way or another, or waiting for the right time to carry out plans without restrictions stopping you, in the form of people standing over you or rules or laws getting in the way or any other Saturnian factors.

All cardinal signs will benefit from this change of direction today in particular, but everyone will in fact as the positive transits will work as well, in that they will bring more of the benefits of what we have been working with.

And for others it will be rewards for our hard work and endurance.

Today and the coming days are really a reassessment time for our next moves in the right direction. In the coming weeks we will all notice a total change in attitudes and energies around us.

I explained more about the other planets in my last post if you are wondering what else is afoot just now.


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