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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Two days ago Saturn stationed before going retrograde.

The station point is when the outer planets are at their most powerful, especially if we have had ongoing transits, positive or negative.

This point acts as a timing for those aspects even if not exact at the time.

Sometimes this point forms a new aspect that wont be totally fulfilled until much later which makes it even more powerful.

At any rate this is a turning point for us all, a time to reassess areas of our life that relate to Saturn now in Aquarius, and as he retrogrades back into Capricorn by July near the time of the last eclipse in Capricorn, we will have some reminders of how life was before this current world situation, but more so we will begin seeing the repercussions of the same on our society.

Saturn is about our own inner authority, all matters relating to security, finances , property, laws, and the basic structure in our lives.
He also has a lot to do with our health as when we have Saturn afflictions to our birth Sun or moon, as stress and pressure increases, our immune levels drop.

So this period now is the time to figure out what we may want to change in areas of our lives where there is any pressure or stress, and also how we are using our own authority.
Its a time to check out our inner "parent" to make sure we have healthy responses to others and are not being too rigid or negative in outlook.

It's a time to address what has been blocking us so we can move forward again with different strategies that can free up our time more, give us more freedom in our daily routines.
It stands to reason that as Saturn is still in Aquarius and that many lock downs occurred when he entered this sign, that there will be a global reassessment by the powers that be as to whether to change the situation or continue on down the same path.

This review period will probably last until Jupiter also stations in on the 15th as Jupiter is about law, also travel so there is bound to be a travel review coming up as well. I think this will be moreso near the Sagittarian lunar eclipse at the beginning of June however.

Good news should come to a lot of us as Mercury in Taurus was trining Jupiter in Capricorn, so the good news should be about our lifestyles freeing up a lot, along with being able to increase a few home comforts and find more enjoyment and freedom in our daily routines.
It should also increase peoples capacity to earn money again as well as spend it!

This aspect will be especially helpful for Capricorns, Sagittarians, Taureans Geminis and Virgos. But due to the station point of Saturn it is important for all of us.

Mercury was conjunct to Sedna on the day, Sedna being the ocean Goddess who went through a lot of suffering after betrayal by her father but she did bounce back and took control, providing what was needed from the ocean for her people.

This is quite a good analogy of the sacrifices and suffering that has happened due to the rules and laws imposed by our "parent" Governments in the last months if one wants to look at it that way.

We can recover and we can begin a whole new existence, being wiser and hopefully stronger than before and certainly much more aware of our own mortality. But we should not be victims to the rules imposed on us or what we are told, not be afraid to question when needed, and retain our own individuality no matter what, honour our bodies and our spirit within.

And speaking of ocean Gods or Goddesses, the Sun in earthy Taurus just sextiled Neptune in Pisces which is very much about getting in touch with our true spirit again, seeking solace in nature , and venturing forth once more to enjoy the beautiful and enjoyable things of life.


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Jul 20, 2016
In last couple of days, I've been speaking out and saying that it is my responsibility to take care of myself (in the older age range) and not for others to do so.

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Aug 15, 2016
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Our reactions to restrictions and easements are a lot about our own individual circumstances, but I feel it is important to try to see the bigger picture on how everybody is being affected, and how the astrology works on everybody, so that reactions are not "jerk" reactions. The individuals who do these "jerk" reactions are seen on our media all the time. I feel the broader overview tempers my own reactions, sometimes.

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