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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Time stands still as Saturn stations before prograde.(direct.)

As I woke this morning certain quotes sprung to my mind such as “hope springs eternal” but also “he who hesitates is lost” as Saturn rules time. Only we are never lost even though we may feel fearful at times when Saturn makes his presence felt.

I drew one of my small word cards as I often do in the mornings to see what the day may offer. It was “persevere” so I took that as a good sign. "Perseverance" is one of our messages for today. Dont give up as everything is changing and moving on now. We are all wiser and stronger.
Decisions will be easier to make and red tape not so harsh if it has been lately.

Saturn is ruler of my ascending sign so a main ruling planet. He was in Cancer when I was born so that is where I am feeling this station point in my body , emotions too as the emotional brain is in the stomach area, grey matter at the back of the stomach in fact.
Cancer is security so feeling it there. Saturn on my Sun has reminded me of aging, the need to slow down a little, but also toughening up to face life ahead and the changes coming, to be strong in my core self, to face and heal any health issues, complete tasks I never had time for, to say no more when needed for my own wellbeing.
Having been conjunct my Sun since April I have felt this strongly, like all other Pisceans born before the 8 degree mark, Virgos too, Geminis and Sagis too. And those having their Saturn Return like my daughter, her second which is much different to the first.

Affirmations are necessary during Saturn transits healing focus on all Saturnian areas, immune levels, joints, bones, skin,. teeth but any weak areas as well such as on this axis, digestive systems, feet, all Piscean and Virgo areas with some Gemini and Sag thrown in, lungs, l.iver , hips etc but if you are not being responsible for your own health Saturn will remind you.
For everyone health issues should begin to get much better with more answers to come if you have been searching. Pluto direct in moving towards Aquarius will help with this.

The same for anything where authorities are involved, holding you back, or older /younger family members who have needed support. Pressures will ease as you begin to claim more of your own authority again.

This is Saturns first station to “prograde” (forward movement) since he entered Pisces in March so its really important for us all. A little history on this, as in Aquarius those three years he taught us how to begin a New Age by pointing out what NOT to do and showing us what dictatorship by any world power can do (any Gov in other words) as he brought the negatives first with big karmic lessons for all, about the importance of standing up for natural human rights and how important freedom of speech is to the human race. He taught us about medical tyranny such as not been seen since the 1930s and 40s and the last major world war.’

But start a New Age he did, along with Jupiter and now Pluto stepping in, and we are beginning to see the strength of the human spirit moving back in , a spirit that will always prevail as will the goodness in people.

As Saturn entered Pisces in March he began to soften world Govs and dissolve the harsh rules and tyranny. Bring back the humanity as Pisces is all about the human spirit. Saturn revealed more of the suffering brought about by too much control both on our health and also on our material lives, finances, income, as our ambitions were put aside by new mandates that the people didnt vote in.
Saturn has allowed us to converse with our neighbours again and hug people again, bringing back more of a natural life without so much fear, although there is a long way to go yet as media needs a lot of work. There is two more years of Saturn in Pisces but the healing has begun and this is healing of the spirit , not just the body and to heal the spirit there can also be great suffering as we become more vulnerable to our own weaknesses, see ourselves in a new light, others too, face our fears and stuck places which are at the seat of all illness and pain.,

So this first station point to direct is a turning point for the world to do better especially in areas of past beliefs and judgements of people, races, genders and religious beliefs, customs. We are seeing a need for a broader spirituality and acceptance and are in the first stages of attaining the same.
We are seeing the religious war happening at this time that has brought out the power struggles between different nations.

Individually and globally Saturn has been revealing the great suffering and forced us all to face the same and deal with it on all levels of being, opening up a new perspective on life and the human spirit .

These station points bring all the aspects made in the previous year by the planet to a head, global aspects too, so from this point he can bring rewards for the efforts made and allowing us to see that much karma has been paid back and we can let that phase go to move on to bigger and better things.

This is a time to put much behind us and let it go, be thankful for the lessons and know we are wiser and stronger now.

"The moving finger writes and having writ moves on,"
Omar khayyam
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Involved Wayfarer
Mar 9, 2017
Wow, such a good advice - let everything go, and thank the energies for their help.
Sorrow is one of them.
Drop it to the centre of the Earth. Gone.
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