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Jul 19, 2016
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Ruby Fuchsite.jpg
This is one of my ruby fuchsite crystals. This stone consists of green fuchsite with ruby crystals embedded inside. This is a great crystal to use with the heart chakra, adding loving and very positive energies. It helps to keep your awareness of being an individual, but at the same time helping you to connect to the oneness of all.

When these two are combined, ruby and fuchsite, the energy goes towards improving one’s psychic abilities; place it on the third eye chakra — a connection can be made to the heart and help it receive information from the third eye.

Verdite, a microcrystalline metamorphic rock, is composed mostly of green fuchsite. This specimen (6.5 cm across at its base), of Archean age, is from Barberton, Mpumalanga, South Africa (Wikipedia).

When healing, this crystal can amplify the energy field around the body, which in turn can enhance the path into the higher dimensions.

On the physical level, ruby Fuchsite promotes recovery and relief from chronic illness, physical vitality, and can help with making the blood flow and circulation stronger. For people finding it hard to get to sleep, and stay asleep, this stone can help by having it nearby.

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