Royal Marines Use Jet Packs (1 Viewer)

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Jul 20, 2016
I've been amazed at this video. First is the idea of a well-controlled jet pack, and then imagining taking off from a moving boat and landing on a moving ship. Is this even real? Why, yes it is.

Richard Browning is from a family of aviators and engineers, and is a successful trader who spent six years in the Royal Marine Reserves. Flying is in his blood and he toyed with ways to bring it to an individual.

“I believe that you can train your body and your brain to do some pretty amazing things,” he says. “Walking and running are amazing when you think about it. I had this belief that if you just add the missing component of horsepower, you could fly in a very different way.”
Add horsepower is what he did. Four years ago, he got hold of a micro gas turbine, plus another, strapped them to his arms and hopped up and down in a field. Then he got a couple more, hopped a little higher, added more turbines, fell over a lot … and eventually flew. “There was no business reason, no logic, I just thought it would be fun,” he says.
“It is the most joyous, free, kind-of-dreamlike state,” he says, of the experience. “When you’re riding a bike, you’re not thinking about turning the handlebars or keeping your balance, you’re just thinking: I’m going to cycle that way. Imagine that in three-dimensional space, being entirely free to move and go wherever you like.”

He began by taking short hops over farm land and then booking sessions for people try it out. My first thought was that you would need good upper body strength, but he says it is no more than being able to suspend yourself between two chairs. I did try it out by suspending myself at a corner of the kitchen counters. One - it was good for my spine, and two - I might need to do more pushups if I want to stay up for more than a couple of seconds.

The EMS groups are interested at the idea of a medic being able to fly above traffic jams and reach a person in need. The article is a short read and very interesting.

The Royal Marines got interested, and as you can see in the following video, the rest is history. I'm in awe of what they can do. Wow.

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