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Jul 25, 2016
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A Message from the Men of Light

Our expectations are not relevant. You are nearly shifted to the next phase of preparation. You are being watched and guided, and nothing is left to chance. We Men of Light can only tell you what we are Nemesisless to say, meaning our words are divine transmissions not adulterated in any way.

Hateful people will not survive the day of transformation. Those who do survive will be given the knowledge and instruction needed to begin a new world.

Earth will survive, but it will be in two separate dimensions. Love and hate will no longer coexist on the same plane as they have. The dynamics on each plane will be adjusted. It is up to each individual to choose. Soon it will be too late. The only correlation between the worlds will be love. On one it will be recognized as a fundamental force, and on one as a fundamental weakness. Decide how you see love, for this quite literally determines your future.

We are called Men of Light. We serve the central light which you know as God, Source, or OM. We are in a very real sense angelic. Remember to call yourselves humans of Earth when the time comes for you to declare your home. Those of you who are just visiting this world will be moving along in time, but for now “human of Earth” will be more accurate, as the alternate will not recognize human at all.

Keep the counsel of sacred worlds close to your heart.

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Jul 20, 2016
Quite a few times in my professional life, I've been teased or ridiculed for suggesting fairness or cooperation. One of the funniest put-downs was "Oh Linda, you are such a Methodist".


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Aug 29, 2017
And by combining the workdots to a firm image the worksystem is nearing higher dimensions by lack of concurence


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Nov 1, 2018
Linda You're not the only one frustrated by the lack of fairness, cooperation, and sustainability in many areas of life right now. I just want people to have the opportunity to work and live their lives as they wish, nothing more, without being hampered by oppressive taxes and red tape.

Most people outside of the US have no idea how expensive it is to live in the US, even in a small town, and how expensive all the taxes and regulations are. Living in a smaller town, housing is often less expensive, but food and gas and energy are often more expensive. The net effect is living in a small town is a little less expensive, but it's the only option for some people, unless they want to live in a cardboard box. Living in the big city rents start at $1000 and easily go up to $5000 per month. And in big cities taxes are higher too, crime is higher (you have to replace or fix your windows and doors more often, fix your car more often due to break ins), insurance rates are higher due to higher crime, pollution is worse, medical problems generally are more frequent leading to higher out-of-pocket medical costs.
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