Rise and Be Counted: Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot, April 20 (1 Viewer)

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Jul 25, 2016
Maryann submitted a new article.

Rise and Be Counted: Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot, April 20
Pleiadian tarot interpreted through the lens of Nine: Whatever has come before, realize now that you hold the winning piece, the thing that can turn everything around and shift the game. Pause and reflect on your own inner self's light, and feel the radiance you innately possess. Prepare to let your voice be heard in a call and response with time. Read on for details about each of the cards in this week's Pleiadian tarot spread.

Summary: Are you prepared to see that you have the very thing that will turn everything in your favor? Right now you have the balance-piece that breaks the spell and allows you to see Nemesis smiling at your cleverness. Thus you rise, magnificent and eternal soul, carrying the grounding-rod that...
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