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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
If a few weeks ago we started octaves to restore processes of "life,” eradicate energies of "disease,” insert the archetypes of "abundance" and "resources" in all the sacred plots and individual realities of those who have been working with the petitions, etc., another point that we are going to continue "restoring" is something that this global situation that has been active all year has been destroying, altering and distorting.

david topi article.jpg

Among the many things that have been affected are, without a doubt, the sensation of "loss of purpose,” the sensation of having been "strayed" from the path we were on before this alteration of global reality, and the sensation of having “lost our way,” at least generically, because then, at an individual level, it is more than correct that each person has tried to adapt and mold their reality to the situation where they are.

However, at the level of timelines things has been very different, since the RIC (Asimoss mainly with the help of the Alomiss), have erased, literally erased, the "codes" and evolutionary parameters of the timeline33, at a macro level, "stopping dry” the advance of its collective unconscious.

This maybe sounds weird. How do you stop a collective unconscious? Was it "moving"? Isn't it just an accumulation of mental energy created by the psychic emanations of humanity?

That's right, the collective unconscious is a “mental conglomerate,” a “cloud” that “floats” on the plane 3.1, and that contains all the design of human reality at the mental level, all the information, all the distortion included in it, all the thoughts, ideas, concepts, archetypes, all the data packages that, by the trillions, each human being emits from their mental spheres and cognitive structures. Like any "cloud," it moves at the mercy of certain energetic currents that make the planet advance through its own "web of destiny," which is nothing other than the track through which our planetary logos travels on its path of development and evolutionary process.

With its advance, with the global collective movement on the sacred web of humanity, we managed to manifest the concept of "passage of time" and we obtain our historical line of events to be able to say that on that date such a thing happened, and on such another.


The movement and displacement of the collective unconscious of humanity on our sacred web is what gives us the concept of the passage of time and the manifestation of events in a temporal "linear" sequence to the senses.

Collective unconscious humanity

All events are simultaneously co-existing in a huge and eternal "now," and by passing through one of them, and then another, we get the impression of moving from a "past" event to a “future” event.

Thus, what the Asimoss have done is to block those "energies" and currents that make the collective unconscious 33 evolve and advance, thereby stopping, to some extent, the evolutionary development of humanity, which is "forced" (its collective unconscious) to spend "more time" in the same group of "static frames," lengthening the time it takes to go from one event to another, leaving aside what later has a lot or little influence on each one of us, that is with more or less force the engine that drives us to continue growing individually. It is as if you were reading a comic, and your consciousness advanced from one panel to another at a “normal” reading speed and, suddenly, you were forced to slow down and spend “longer” in each panel, making it take longer to read the entire comic, in advancing through the plot of and in moving from one event in the story to another. This means that, in general, at a global level, everything is “taking” a long time to go from one thing to another (at an individual level it is already another issue, they are different rhythms and speeds).

But isn't evolution marked by the soul and the Higher Self?

Completely correct. At the individual level, the evolutionary path of each person is marked by his Higher Self, his super-soul and her soul. And thus, their forces, energies, drives and wills are imbued in the avatar, in our subtle structure and in our personality, so that the person continues to advance on their path. But then, as if it were a conveyor belt or an escalator, there is a global "engine" for all humanity that flows "underneath" the currents of the timelines 33 and 42, and that allows us all to move forward continuously, even if we don't "move" as much as if we do our part individually to do so. It is the equivalent of standing on the escalator and letting its movement take you up quietly, or going up the steps at the same time that the staircase moves. I am sure that, in more than one shopping center, in the subway or in any building, many of you do not wait to be “taken” but rather stride up as the staircase itself is underway.

The "motor" that moves the "escalator" is an energetic current that makes the collective unconscious 33 and 42 move through the space-time fabric of humanity. The energy and will that make you climb the steps by yourself is the push of your Higher Self and your soul to go faster on an individual level and without depending on what the rest of the people who are also "standing" do or stop doing. in the same "escalator" according to the time line in which they are.

Thus, and at a more abstract and evolutionary level, in the first case, the forward currents are slow and smooth, causing everyone to "grow" very little by little, so if there is no effort on your part to climb the steps at the pace you want, and you prefer to let yourself be carried away by the global movement of the "escalator of humanity," you advance at the rate that the collective unconscious of it advances, slowly, but always going "forward" (having taken into account all the difficulties that the RIC and CS put up for this). When you put the batteries on your own, you advance at the pace you want or can, helping you in addition to the current that always takes humanity to the next evolutionary level. "Moving forward," in this context, means raising the vibrational frequency of your particles, and raising your reality level with it.

Therefore, what the RIC have basically done is “stop” the escalators of the timeline 33 by slowing it down almost to zero speed (it cannot be stopped at 100%, there are forces that prevent a total stagnation on other sides), this path or energy of "evolutionary advance" of the collective unconscious 33.

How do they do it? How is it possible to stop an energy current that governs and carries almost all of humanity?

It is done by slowing down the global sacred fabric of our species, since it runs, as we had previously explained in some diagram, on the Asimoss reality fabric, so if the Asimoss completely stop their own evolutionary processes, their fabric and their energy network, our reality, which is based on theirs, is also slowed. If the human fabric is slowed down, the collective unconscious cannot advance on it (it does so at a ridiculously slow speed), thus putting the engine of growth of our society almost to "zero". Visually it would be as if you had a helium balloon tied to a step of the escalator, if the motor of the staircase is stopped and it is put at almost zero speed, the balloon almost does not move from its position, the balloon being the collective unconscious 33 that contains the human reality and all its evolutionary processes.


If the Asimoss plot is manipulated, it has an impact on human reality

Collective unconscious timeline 33

Collective unconscious timeline 42

Timeline 33 on which the plots of the people in this line run

Timeline 42 on which the plots of the people in this line run

Human reality (level 3) Sacred plot of the human beings’ timeline 33 and 42 (two sacred "macro" plots, one for the people who are in timeline 33 at the individual level - approximately 94% of the total, and others for those in timeline 42 -approximately 6% of the total)

Asimoss Reality (level 2) - Asimoss space-time structure. A single plot and timeline for all of them (the Amoss and other races also use this level 2 reality superimposed on the Asimoss reality but at the same level as them)

Base reality or general quantum - level 1 (sacred web of the Earth, flora, fauna, non-physical beings that inhabit the planet, forces of nature, etc.)

This situation has been taking place for a few weeks at the energetic level, with which we have to intervene quickly because then, if it is left like that long enough, it will manifest itself on a "physical" level as a greater stagnation in all areas of life "tangible” and “solid” to our perception, stopping even more, if possible, our society, that is already “stagnant” or has stagnated and slowed down during 2020.

As now, due to the global changes that the RIC is inserting into our global structure at an economic, energetic, social level, etc., the Asimoss “are doing well” to completely stop everything until they complete their objectives, the fact that their own process and plot slow down it does not cause them major problems. Furthermore, apart from slowing down or reducing the speed of the “push” of the current that moves humanity “forward,” energetically and evolutionarily speaking, they have erased the “automatic” parameters of advance that maintain the rhythm, direction, speed and acceleration. of this "treadmill" that moves the flow of our growth as a species.

Growth to where? What kind of growth? What exactly have they stopped?

They have stopped the movement of their plot so that ours does not advance and they have erased the parameters that serve so that, from any lower level of the timeline 33, you go up to higher levels of this line on the way to the point of passage towards the timeline 42, since the planet itself is gradually increasing in frequency by itself, even if you do not make a single energy effort to raise yours, in the long term, your molecules, cells, atoms and particles are going to raise (little by little) their vibration by the mere fact of stepping on a ground whose particles, each time, vibrate a little "faster".

In some way, the network of “escalators” that underlie the sacred fabric of humanity could be visualized as intertwined at various levels as I put it below, which I hope will serve to capture the idea at least intuitively:


Physical and solid plane of the nE

Collective unconscious timeline 42

Walkways to the nE

Sacred plot and reality humanity timeline 42

Timeline 42 -21 "steps"

Energy current that moves people in timeline 42 towards the nE

Collective unconscious timeline 33

Union bridge between timeline 33 and 42 Cutoff frequency approximately 11HZ

Sacred plot and reality humanity timeline 33

Timeline 33 -28 "steps"

Energy current that moves people in timeline 33 towards timeline 42

Asimoss plot and reality, which moves the plot of human reality

It is thanks to these mechanisms, that even people who will never do any energy work to move to higher levels of the timeline 33, and from there move to the timeline 42, will notice little by little moving up the step within the timeline 33. On the other hand, it is also correct that although the ladder "always goes up," individually you can go down steps faster than the ones that the Earth's own dynamics move you "upwards." We have already talked a lot about that previously on the blog when commenting on everything that can make us decrease in frequency and descend within the sublevels of the timeline in which we are, finding ourselves again in lower levels of reality than we were a year ago due to the influence that the entire external environment is having on the life of almost all human beings.

In any case, it can take years to go up a single sub-level if you simply let yourself be carried away by the global current that underlies the timeline and the sacred fabric of humanity, but that does not mean that you are static in your frequency. "base" forever. Nothing ever remains static in Creation, and much less on our planet that is in the process of evolutionary rise at the most “frenetic” pace that Kumar can implement without causing any drastic alteration in the entire set of conscious life that we inhabit in his avatar.

Thus, to slow down and block even that minimum speed of advance towards higher energy and frequency levels, they have put a "stop" to the "conveyor belt" of line 33 (line 42 is protected and they have not been able to manipulate it, although they try to do so). They have also erased the parameters of "evolutionary purpose" for humanity, something like putting a blindfold on an escalator that is stopped and making you believe that you have to descend the steps to go up, or that you must go up two and go down four to get to the end of it.

The expression "walking like a headless chicken" I think expresses it in a more intuitive way for many, and "not knowing where we are going" is the result of this manipulation that eliminates the unconscious destination point that we have as a species (the evolutionary rise). When humanity "does not know where it is going," that permeates to a greater or lesser degree the individual sacred plots of each person, which receive the influence of "loss of meaning," and that, at a subconscious level, translates into internal restlessness, of having lost the way, of not knowing which way to pull, of finding oneself disoriented regarding one's life purpose, etc. Like everything, it is generic, and some people are affected more and others less.

So, we have to restore that "generic destination point" for our species, reinsert our purpose and re-start the "conveyor belt" and the currents that have to direct the flow of energy so that, either we do or don’t do anything individually, always we advance a little towards higher levels of reality for everyone and let us know, unconsciously, that we have a destination point (the nE) that acts as a “beacon” to guide the direction of our global growth.

And how do we do it if our conveyor belt is on top of the Asimoss reality?

What we will do is to ask for a separation, such as putting an insulator or a band in the middle, which is something that a couple of groups of the logical hierarchies that assist the planet can and have the capacity to build, in a way that amounts to putting a motor (that will move all our Higher Selves) to a current and flow that will be located between the sacred web of humanity and the web of the Asimoss. We cannot go into technical details, as we do not have the physical or metaphysical basis to understand how that is done, but I hope the concept is understood.


An "isolating" energy flow is inserted and it is "circulated", the interference is reduced

Collective unconscious timeline 33

Collective unconscious timeline 42

Timeline 33 on which the plots of the people in this line run

Timeline 42 on which the plots of the people in this line run

Human reality (level 3) Sacred plot of the human beings’ timeline 33 and 42

Asimoss Reality (level 2) - Asimoss space-time structure. A single plot and timeline for all of them (the Amoss and other races also use this level 2 reality superimposed on the Asimoss reality but at the same level as them)

Base reality or general quantum - level 1 (sacred web of the Earth, flora, fauna, non-physical beings that inhabit the planet, forces of nature, etc.)

Will the RIC attempt to alter or manipulate this "conveyor belt" for humanity?

Yes, there are no guarantees that they will not do everything to manipulate it, but that does not mean that we are going to standby idly while blocking and braking and distorting everything that moves us to leave this evolutionary level sooner rather than later, so therefore, we must counteract every action they do with what we can and our Higher Selves will see that we have the capacity to execute, and see how this tug of war results. The objective is to put ourselves "on track" with the purpose and global evolutionary path of the human race, which is none other than to move to the "nE," when each one is ready, in as many years or decades that it may take for it.

Restoring individual "purpose"

In addition to all of the above, which is an action at a “macro-planetary” level, we have to correct and reinstate, as we have mentioned before, the damages and distortions in our reality and individual fabric regarding our purpose and “path” that the alteration global causes on the personal lives of all of us. The latter cannot be avoided. If the "energetic" ground that supports our individual "ground" is disturbed or distorted, our reality is affected. If humanity as a whole "loses its way," loses its "North," to a greater or lesser degree, we all lose it individually. This is noticeable more or less depending on the reality of each person, but it is the internal and disconcerting feeling of “not knowing where to go,” whose subconscious intensity already depends on hundreds of factors and on how the world that each one projects for himself is like. In any case, we are also going to restore any damage and alteration introduced into our reality by this manipulation and with this we recover a “point of reference” that gives us a clear direction, again unconscious for almost everyone, to our lives according to the evolutionary plan that each one has designed at the soul and Higher Self level.

Work Request

Thus, for all of the above, the request to our Higher Self is the following, and we will code it as request number 13.

I request from my Higher Self and I give permanent permission to install the mechanisms to create an underlying energy flow to the sacred web of humanity to act as a “transport” mechanism for its growth and advance to the evolutionary next level. I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to ask for help from the hierarchical planetary assistance that have the ability to create, install and put into operation these currents that move the collective unconscious 33 and the sacred web of humanity towards higher levels of reality, of growth and evolution, counteracting the limitations, blockages and obstacles set by the Asimoss and the rest of the races that support them to delay, avoid and block the passage of humanity to its next evolutionary level.​
I request to my Higher Self and give permanent permission to install "isolating" flows to reduce the effects that alterations in the Asimoss reality have on human reality and that, this way, manipulations caused in their own space-time framework do not spread to human reality or are minimized and reduced as much as possible.​
I request from my Higher Self and I give permanent permission for the mechanisms that govern the rise of the "frequency level" to be installed for each human being within the timeline in which they are, reconnecting the processes of individual vibrational and energetic elevation to the processes of frequency elevation of the planet.​
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission for the codes, parameters and objectives that guide humanity at the macro level, to continue growing and evolving as a species, regardless of the level of reality and the purpose and personal work that each human being does or is doing for it.​
I request that the "macro" purpose of humanity erased by the Asimoss be restored, this being the advance of all human beings towards the next evolutionary level.​
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to restore in my sacred fabric and at the level of my individual reality the parameters associated with my evolutionary purpose, my path of growth, my "course," as they are predetermined at the Higher Self, super-soul and my soul level​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to send this request to all the "local" souls and super-souls of all human beings, creating a "loop" that provides the soul with the information, explanation and knowledge necessary for it to understand what that is being offered and with the aim of helping the personality and the avatar to obtain what they need to get ahead and be able to grow, advance and evolve according to the evolutionary plan of each human being. I request that a coordination mechanism be installed in the common field of information shared by all Higher Selves so that they extend this mechanism of request for help and that it can be sent in a cyclical and recurring way to all the souls that request it.​
I request that this petition be encoded as petition 13.​
I request that the requests from 1 to 13 be executed. Thank you.​

As you can see, what we want to put are energetic currents that act as a separation between the Asimoss reality and ours, so that it is more difficult for them to repeat this maneuver. That is, when you have a conveyor belt that goes at one speed but is on another conveyor belt that regulates that speed, if you alter the lower one, you inevitably alter the upper one. If you put something that isolates them, even if only a little from each other, and you put an independent motor on the upper belt which is where all human beings move, then you reduce the influence that the manipulations of the lower belt have on our reality.

The Asimoss then have to go more directly into the “upper conveyor belt,” the human fabric, in order to alter it, which is not that they don't already do, but it is more comfortable for them (they have done it on multiple occasions) to manipulate our reality from "below," simply altering theirs and letting ours suffer the consequences. As always, we are putting as many obstacles as possible and trying to make them less likely to manipulate at the macro level the destiny of the human race, giving us time to continue jumping from timeline 33 to timeline 42 where their global reach on it is somewhat less and they have to fight more to be able to manipulate everything that is within that timeline of passage to the nE.

A hug,

David Topí

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Jul 30, 2016
Everytime this information fill in the gaps in what I already know and gives me a clearer picture.


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Aug 29, 2017
and at the end you wonder why things are so strange and understand what was half understood
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