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Remote Viewing: Farsight Institute, Remote-Viewing Denver International Airport


Realized Sentience
Retired Moderator
Just got the latest Farsight Institute's latest newsletter where they remote-view the Denver International Airport. This was pretty interesting, although I 100% don't agree with Courtney's assessment at the end that "there's nothing to see there", that it's an airport and nothing more. Prin'cess J's viewing and the others seem to support much more than that to me. Underground structures with whistling sounds? Lots and lots of dark, empty rooms with furnishings? A "watch" tower with a "concentration camp" feel to the area?

I much more resonate with the idea that this was meant as a huge transportation hub--either for the evacuation and housing of large numbers of people for protection during a major catastrophe, or an area that was intended to house many, many prisoners in an extremely secure underground environment. I have to wonder if the MagLev (magnetic levitation) shuttle tubes aren't a big part of this--thereby allowing the very fast, very secure transport of military personnel, supplies, etc., to all parts of the country. Taking the apparent plans of Deep State to overthrow and control the US and imprison or "depopulate" those in resistance, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this was all going on there.

Also, as I see it, once the "mass arrests" of the corrupted Deep State operators begins, it would be rather ironic that their own systems and facilities would be used against them...just as their MASSIVE spying assets have been used, first against us, and now that the tide has turned, AGAINST THEM.

Whatever's going on there, I'm certain it's much bigger than what Courtney believes. It should be VERY interesting as time goes on, in any case.


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