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Event Remote Group Healing | Weekend of the 10th of March, 2018


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This is a regular session of sending and/or receiving healing for those participating.

I've made a new friend here near Tucson. He's 70 and is a retired park ranger. We've got a lot in common. He's passed on a chapter for me to read over -- as an editor, but also based on my own insight into the topic. It's his his first book which is an autobiography focused around his spiritual awakening back in his early 20's, but with a theme about how we are all one, in addition to timing and manifestation.

We each come into this life with unique gifts and ways of seeing the world. Some of us find patterns through perceiving life differently to everyone else, and this can help teach people because of that angle being so different, even if it's about a familiar topic. That is what I get with his situation here, and I have a feeling his book will be important.

Astral projection is what really opened his closed mind and began his long journey, which is part of his first chapter. (I haven't read it yet)

I just wanted to mention this, as things really do happen for a reason, especially if you are putting it out there in the sense of what you want to attract, create, and manifest in your life. The timing of each moment thereafter is really important, and then it's all about the choices you make in said moments so you can continue down the road of pulling in the outcome you want.

remote group healing transients.jpg
Some intentions take time to create...

I'm helping him in different ways, and he is helping me in different ways, and this is how we are both going to achieve our intentions for our futures.

When you put it out there what you want, and continue to reinforce the thoughts and energy surrounding its manifestation, universe will provide you with everything you need to make it happen. We're all capable of great things.

Sense you all in just under 36 hours time! {}s

The usual introduction is below for our healing sessions

For those new to these sessions, or if you simply want to me reminded on how to connect in and what methods you could use to send healing, see this article hereon transients.info.

The purpose of these 30 minute weekly sessions is to send healing to each participant, which can be accomplished by focusing on individuals or the group, deepening on what methods you chose to use. You are always free to set secondary intentions around focusing on world events that may need some helping energy — on other levels our group also works in a multi-dimensional sense. Sometimes we get healing requests within the replies here, so do check back here just before the sessions begins.

Let us know if you are joining by responding here or contacting me from the Contact Us form on transients.info. The session is only 20 minutes and you can send, and or receive healing; it is up to you. Anyone can heal, no training is required to participate.

Please provide any feedback on here if you receive any and feel comfortable sharing.

The setting we have chosen to visualize when first connecting in, and to anchor that connection, is a forest clearing. Think of a opening inside a forest where there is a large crystal in the center that we gather around. The ground could have moss or grass, perhaps even dirt or another surface that appears to you. There may be the sound of a waterfall nearby which could result in a river that you could see, or not. You could start off here and then go off to another place of your choosing to send and/or receive healing. Some people find themselves being taken on a journey where they are shown other things during a session, but we all experience this in our own unique ways.

You can find further information about these sessions through the link, Weekend Healing, on transients.info.

Current Timing

The time for the session is the same each week, based around Laron's time to make things easier, which is 1 PM on a Saturday in Texas, USA (CDT). All the other times reflect this time, but this time is worked out to accommodate the greater number of people based on their geographical location.

USA: Saturday: 2 pm EDT, 12 pm MDT, 1 pm CDT, 11 am PDT
Europe: France (Paris), Switzerland, Sweden, Saturday: 8 pm
UK: England (London), Ireland (Dublin), Saturday: 7 pm
Russia: (Moscow), Saturday: 10 pm
South Africa: (Johannesburg), Saturday: 9 pm
Australia: (Sydney, AEST) Sunday: 6 am, (Perth) Sunday, 3 am
New Zealand: (Auckland) Sunday: 8 am

To understand about joining outside of the set time, which you are free to do so and the hosts do this sometimes because of other commitments, just check out the instructions on how to send healing here, which I linked to above as well.


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I spent some time w/ each of you sending healing.

For Lila , “go for it, yes”.

I also received:

Confusion leads to indecision. Instead of saying, “I am confused” which invites more confusion, say, “I am receptive to knowing what to do.”

The David Topi articles must be influencing my subconscious. :)

I also saw a male figure standing in a doorway—too dark to make out anything else.


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Every week when I join the circle there are always more people than the few who post that they will be there.
Very often there are a few Native American Indians, they always appear with a feather stuck in a headband and I know this is purely for me to recognise them.

This week I found myself hovering above the circle looking down on an extra large group, it was enormous.
I joined them sitting crossed legged and holding hands as usual.

After doing my usual stuff I looked around and saw all of us clearly but couldn’t put any features on anyone else.

Suddenly we were all singing with our hand in the air clapping, like a jolly song where you clap between verses.
Then....you’re going to love this.....Laron was in the middle doing some real fancy foot work, with a grin from ear to ear.
Then the whole circle was standing with hands stretched out on each other’s shoulders singing and dancing on the spot.

We would never make the River Dance team but boy were we enjoying ourselves.
There was such a feeling of joy, love and happiness and when I resurfaced I found I had a grin from ear to ear.

I wanted to share this with you darlings hoping it will make you smile as it is still doing with me as I type the words.:):)


Realized Sentience
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I joined in with a personal story that is ongoing.

Then I was wondering about the underground caverns that opened up in an Austin neighbourhood and
I was suddenly in a crystal studded cave system, on a road, going upward. It was beautiful. The crystals' sparkle caught my attention and I realized that I was simultaneously on a star-studded road along the arm of a galaxy or 'road' made of galaxy superclusters. Take your pick of scale. It was really big and gorgeous.

I realized I wasn't alone on this multifaceted road. We were many, our numbers growing. We went up and up, slowly, helping one another when needed. Up ahead was the first figure I'd seen on the road (I mostly 'sensed' the others in the group without necessarily seeing them). It was dark, like a void and didn't reflect the crystals/stars/clusters of stars. We eventually made our way up to it. I realized that we were a bedraggled group, weary and hungry, dressed in rags, barely lifting our feet for each step up. I also noticed ethereal hands would frequently pat our backs encouragingly or soothe our weary brows or try to massage our bone-tired feet. Each touch left a thought or feeling that gave us sparkly feeling feet or hope in our heart or a thought on how to make our trip a bit easier. They were like gifts left along the trail for us. As we gathered around the void-like figure of a person we looked into the figure which mean that we were looking into ourselves. Things began to change and we regained strength.

We found ourselves in a mirror image of our Roundtable Remote Group Healing circle, around a fire with a crystal in the center. It was the same group, mirror image but everything was bigger, brighter, more beautiful. The crystal was above us and we interacted with it constantly, creating things by doing so. It interacted back with us organically and acted as the lens with which we focused our group's efforts. This time, however, we were on a mountaintop, with a grand view.

Then, off to the side, I noticed a barrel of rotting oranges. They stank and were vile. As I watched, wondering how they could have gotten to this place of beauty (so out of place!) they started to ferment and sparkles were added. They became a vat of sparkling healing brew. We could take out a piece and eat it or spread it on a hurt area and watch in wonder as it healed instantly. Our group began to split up into those that went back down the mountain, carrying a vat of orange healing brew, a group that took care of day to day lodging, food, etc, a group that sat at the fireplace and continued working on our projects and so forth. We continued like that for a long while as folks trickled up the mountain toward us. We helped them move onto wherever they needed to go and a few stayed with us and became part of our group. The group going down the mountain would come back increasingly injured. There never seemed to be enough healing orange brew when they were downhill. We discovered that if a person bathed in the brew before going down they'd be much more immune to injury when they were there so that became routine and we made increasingly amounts of brew to take down.

There came a day when we were done. The last trickles of folks coming up the mountain were done. I didn't realize any of those things immediately but what changed was a ship appeared, floating in air, straight out of a fairy tale, made in beautiful ways that defied gravity and all the other 'rules' we lived with. We got on board. A few of us opted to float alongside and we flew off into the light. I don't know much about the other side though our bodies became light, we regained a pile of abilities and our entire perspective changed. We could look back at the world we'd left but it seemed far, far away. We could interact with it but had moved onto other pursuits. All around us were different vistas that called out to be explored. Things were really sparkly and bright. The colours were vivid. There was the void of potential all around us. When we met up there was a recognition of our shared experiences like no other and camaraderie.


Boundless Creation
I realized I wasn't alone on this multifaceted road. We were many, our numbers growing.
The more I read your story Lila the more a thought formed in my mind that it was an allegory of our travels in the 3d culminating at some kind of fantastic event (The Event?) that would give us a revelation and a continuation towards a new set of experiences at another level. Some people moving forward, some staying as guides for the ones that returned to stay in the third dimension.


Realized Sentience
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For Lila , “go for it, yes”.
Whoah! This means a lot to me. It pertains to the 'personal part' of the session which ended on a 'question mark', undisclosed decision of an ending.
And, yes, thank you for sharing. It is very good news.

June, I think I want to join your sessions all the time, or maybe sit next to you in the circle, lol. Your sessions seem to be so beautiful, and sometimes really jolly, like this one. So glad you posted.
I'd love to see Laron's fancy footwork in person:))

The more I read your story Lila the more a thought formed in my mind that it was an allegory of our travels in the 3d culminating at some kind of fantastic event (The Event?) that would give us a revelation and a continuation towards a new set of experiences at another level. Some people moving forward, some staying as guides for the ones that returned to stay in the third dimension.
Yes, there were distinct levels here, and passages through levels.
I forgot to write this earlier, but my sense is that this was a historic look at things... until the fairy tale ship came to take us away. That part didn't yet seem complete. I only got a sort of 'glimpse' of the other side of that 'curtain'.

Carl is on fire with interpretations lately!
You're not kidding:cool:


Boundless Creation
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Lila , thank you for the confirmation! How exciting is that! Also want to let you know that I don’t know your personal details and don’t need to. That is all I picked up and it is meant just for you. I like that your confidentiality is maintained in spiritual communication. Who needs a blabber mouth on the other side? Lol

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