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Remote Group Healing Weekend of November 10


Realized Sentience
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Hello again. It's lovely to have each of you join in and I'm grateful that we do this each weekend.
This week I'd like to propose something a little different. I've found it very healing myself and it's simple to do and to teach.

Start by centering yourself however you do this. I like to clear a swath of starlight through myself from cool, clear stars 'out there somewhere' that swoops down around and over me then reaches into the earth past me. Next I put up my shielding. June recently posted a method which I love for its simplicity. I've copy/pasted it below.

Once those basics are in place, create a healing bubble around yourself, a soft, comfortable one full of compassion and love that seeps into every crevice and cell, bathing you completely. Within this bubble, see yourself holding your hands as one would rock a baby. You may find yourself looking down at the babe in your arms, trading looks of love.
Then, consider a time when you were injured, traumatized, felt bashed + battered physically +/or emotionally, psychically; any which way.
Put your younger self from that time into your own arms, so that your older (now) self is looking down at your younger self with love, healing whatever needs healing.

That's it. Anything can come into your healing bubble to be nurtured and comforted. You can be any age. You don't even have to be born yet. Nobody can know what you need as well as you do. Go for it!
There are lots of details you can play with. My 'baby healing bubble' is soft blue green in colour. It is an almost round teardrop shape. Yours can be any colour or shape. It may encompass more than the one individual, as you heal, for example, a group. It can break off into multiple bubbles if you need that. If you are like me you'll start with one thing and it'll evolve into something else, lolO.o:D

June's method of setting protection:
There are different ways, mine is a white light, as I’ve mentioned before. It’s very effective against psychic attacks, anything that might be affecting you negatively.

In case you’re interested.........imagine a column of blinding white light entering the top of your head, and spreading throughout your body. Feel it spreading out of your body to make a bubble around you.
You can expand it as far as you wish, make it huge if you like, and see yourself a being of light in this blinding bubble, that nothing can get near.
It’s a bit like expanding your aura, don’t know if you’ve ever done it, it can go from being close to the body, to being quite wide.

Concentrate on it until you feel satisfied..... it’ll take a bit of practice initially......... you will probably need to do it every day for a day or two, and may I suggest, doing it just before going to sleep.
After a while it just needs a brief thought to keep it from dissipating. Then you might not need it for a while.
I tend to forget about it, till something seems to be getting at me then, up it goes.

Oh, by the way, I always say ‘ only infinite love is allowed in my bubble with me ‘ or however you would say it.
And I imagine negative energy as dark clouds, unable to get anywhere near, but best keep it simple initially.

The usual introduction is below for our healing session

For those new to these sessions, or if you simply want to me reminded on how to connect in and what methods you could use to send healing, see this article here on transients.info.

The purpose of these weekly sessions is to send healing to each participant, which can be accomplished by focusing on individuals or the group, deepening on what methods you chose to use. You are always free to set secondary intentions around focusing on world events that may need some helping energy — on other levels our group also works in a multi-dimensional sense. Sometimes we get healing requests within the replies here, so do check back here just before the sessions begins.

Let us know if you are joining by responding here or contacting me from the Contact Us form on transients.info. The session is 20-30 minutes and you can send, and or receive healing; it is up to you. Anyone can heal. No training is required to participate.

Please provide any feedback on here if you receive any and feel comfortable sharing.

The place we have chosen to visualize when first connecting in, and to anchor that connection, is a forest clearing. Think of a opening inside a forest where there is a large crystal in the center that we gather around. The ground could have moss or grass, perhaps even dirt or another surface that appears to you. There may be the sound of a waterfall nearby which could result in a river that you could see, or not. You could start off here and then go off to another place of your choosing to send and/or receive healing. Some people find themselves being taken on a journey where they are shown other things during a session, but we all experience this in our own unique ways.

You can find further information about these sessions through the link, Weekend Healing, on transients.info.

Session Time

The time for the session is the same each week. All the other times reflect this time. This time is calculated around making the sessions accessible to as many as possible.

New Zealand: (Auckland) Sunday: 8 am (Laron)
USA: Saturday: 3 pm EDT, 1 PM MDT, 2 pm CDT, 12 pm PDT
Europe: France (Paris), Switzerland, Sweden, Saturday: 9 pm
UK: England (London), Ireland (Dublin), Saturday: 8 pm
Russia: (Moscow), Saturday: 10 pm
South Africa: (Johannesburg), Saturday: 9 pm
Australia: (Sydney, AEST) Sunday: 5 am, (Perth) Sunday, 3 am

To understand about joining outside of the set time, which you are free to do so and the hosts do this sometimes because of other commitments, just check out the instructions on how to send healing here.


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