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Elder Entity
Aug 3, 2016
Thanks for your input. It seems we all have similar thoughts.
I felt the black cloth covering the whole world signified some global event that stopped mankind in his tracks. It could also easily symbolise darkness as the power supply would very likely be affected.

After the cloth is removed the people walking devoid of expression gave me the impression they were stunned, and the bleached appearance that everything had changed dramatically, gone was the old this was the new, life would never be the same again.

This could be the fulfilment of my strong premonition last year of a huge global shock. It has to happen it was too strong not to.
There was a second one later on too, that was about rising from the ashes.
With that I felt emotional and happy, it was very positive.

I feel that something big is coming and that it will wake up the people to all the lies and deceit and wrongdoing they have suffered for so long from those who rule.
They will then be in a fair position of understanding and be able to make an informed choice whether to follow love or fear.

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