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Reiki Level I, II and Master/Teacher Program by Udemy

Out of Time

Ancient Consciousness
I know there is a lot of skepticism when it comes to online Reiki courses but this one only costs 10 euro and comes with a certificate, so I would say why not?

What would you comment, guys?

P.S.: The issue that worries me is the distant attuning required for the certificate. I know in general it is wrong and can be potentially dangerous.
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I would always recommend a 'real' local 'offline' seminar course for this. At least for the beginners level. Maybe later for refresher or additional courses you could choose it online but only if they do not involve practical training. Just my view about courses like this (not related to Reiki, but in general).


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I don't see anything wrong with taking on-line courses, if you follow up with some work with an experienced person. When I was working, some people would come in fresh out of school and want to jump right in; however, they lacked some basic concepts that only come with experience. In other words, you don't know what you don't know.


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I know there is a lot of skepticism when it comes to online Reiki courses but this one only costs 10 euro and comes with a certificate, so I would say why not? What would you comment, guys? P.S.: The issue that worries me is the distant attuning required for the certificate. I know in general it is wrong and can be potentially dangerous.
Note that I am a Reiki Master teacher and have taught students.

First, and foremost, the energy exchange is crucial when it comes to Reiki, and this should be taught in the traditional Usui method. There should never be a sale, or a lower price, on what a teacher charges for Reiki, as that just doesn't make sense. What they charge should reflect the energy of what went into their personal Reiki training, including what their fee was, but not only that, it should be a certain amount at least, as this is important in terms of the attunements, the space holding the training, but so much more.

There needs to be three months between levels, so you should not learn and be attuned to level II until three months have passed, and the same with Master Level.

It's important to have a group and class setting, but not mandatory, as one on one can work. But the impact of actually having people in the room to practice Reiki on, the same people learning it, is important. This builds confidence, but there is also an energy to this, as it's like that continues to complete the space that is holding the training as each person is on the same level as each other, as students, and the energy of a group is powerful in this regard.

So for example, I would expect the cost of a level one and two course, to at least be from $100 to 200 US. That is a fair energy exchange. One could barter using items of similar value — it doesn't have to be a currency. You have to also think about the teachers time, whether it's a manual or being taught in person. There is energy behind that as well, on top of everything else mentioned.

For master level, that's a bit different. I paid around US $1,500, and this was with two Reiki Masters I highly respected and put a lot of trust in, as I knew them well by that point. (wasn't extra because there were two people, they just worked together). That may seem like a lot, but this is just how Reiki works in terms of the energy exchange. The energy exchange was probably the most difficult aspect for me to get my head around with the world of Reiki.

Do check out the thread I have pinned on Reiki, Reiki Healing | History And Benefits, on the board here, as it helps you to get the feel for what it was (and is!), its values and purpose back then. People spent years training between levels and developing their skills.

For me, the original teachings and traditions are very important. There are certain things mentioned in the description that are not traditional and should be kept separate to different healing courses. Reiki is Reiki. When other teachings are brought in, that can influence the energy behind what is being taught, the values and traditions of the true Reiki teachings.

One thing I noticed is that one of the selling points is it's the most comprehensive Reiki course you will find — this makes no sense as with traditional Reiki there is only one way of doing it. The teachings are straight forward and there is very little additional information that should be included. A few additions are fine, for example I include my chakra information which I have on the forum. With traditional Reiki, the chakras are not covered.

P.S.: The issue that worries me is the distant attuning required for the certificate. I know in general it is wrong and can be potentially dangerous.
I don't see anything wrong with taking on-line courses, if you follow up with some work with an experienced person
So there are important attunments, and the three month wait between is really about the energy and these attunments. It has to be integrated over time. An attunement can be done distantly, but a person can have different symptoms after receiving one, and they may need someone in the room to monitor them and provide comfort/support/guidance. It's like being activated on different levels and having some energy blocks clear to allow additional source energy to come through.

While borderline, online courses are not really appropriate for Reiki. The energy exchange is crucial, as well as the traditions of Reiki being held, in my opinion. But some things could be done to make it appropriate, such as having the sessions held live via video/webcam for all involved.

Also, while this is not traditional, I get my students to perform a certain number of Reiki healings before being taught the next level. So from level one to two, I would say at least 30 sessions, which should be documented, including some notes on the experience.
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Out of Time

Out of Time

Ancient Consciousness
Thank you very much for your insights, Laron. I had already decided against signing for that post and I am happy that you also see things that are not quite okay. I certainly know that I wouldn't like a total stranger to mess with my energies. I would compare that to finding a double decker sandwich on the street and starting eating it without having any idea what's inside. Excuse me for the gross picture I painted but it really feels like that.

A personal recommendation from somebody who I trust would make matters quite different.

The timing is not right either, plus I am sure in the future I will meet many other teachers to learn from. Becoming a master in 2 hours and a half and paying $11 for that seems like a good deal seen through the eyes of the ego, but there must be a catch. And, it is not the price since the course usually costs $ 200.


A true master does not have to touch your aura deliberately without having a degree of contact with the student as to know about the needs of the student. The needs of each student are different, even though patterns are real for the collective and limited in amount, but the reality of each individual is unique. A true master teaches the student eventually to be self reliant and to let him/her know about his/her potential. A true master knows that healing and integration are an ongoing process and one that definitely takes time.

For me, healing has been a journey of years of discovering always something new based on getting to know the needs of my own soul, not only myself in my current incarnation but in the journey of the soul through incarnations and now I laugh to remember that almost a decade ago I bought a reiki "course" online, it was a super attunement that had supposedly the three levels, but the only thing I remember about it was this silly ritual with waters and colored cardboard and I had to absorb them with the reiki symbols lol. After that my certificate arrived and I know it must be somewhere in an old CD but it has no value to me, compared to what I received in the form of inner guidance. One of my greatest teachers was in past lives my soul sister Lucy, she taught me some healing methods and I taught her about patience.

Learn to trust your inner instinct and know that fake teachers will always teach you to avoid instead of confronting fears and emotions. They will tell you to avoid dealing with the core of what makes us broken beings. They will tell you this is good for you, and this is bad, based on their own judgements and fears.

As for formal courses, I think that what Laron describes is good enough, and from there you learn to heal yourself and to heal others understanding your own needs and the needs of the students. In some cases subconscious energy exchange is what works, and somehow in Reiki energy flows naturally as long as the balance and integrity is kept, in other types of healing modalities like QHHT and other spiritual therapies the gates of the subconsciousness are open.


Enigmatic lady for sure...:eek::D

I am sure soon you will find what you need.

I can imagine Laron and many others being such awesome teachers.

One of the qualities of Oriental practices is that they teach to do things in such a way that would seem slow compared to the way we live in the Western world in which people are taught to rush, to do things fast, or to want to achieve things fast.


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Everything everybody said above is perfect advice. The only thing I would add is a friend’s personal experience. After speaking with her, she says doing it in person is the best because you can practice in a group and really feel the energy flow. She really can’t imagine doing it online. It reads SCAM all over! She also was able to get her hours in by volunteering her reiki services in a local hospital.

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