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Jul 20, 2016
As always, take a listen for yourselves because there is lots of good info. Here is general summary.

In January 2018, there was a change in the trip code on the Q board, and a new voice entered. The drops took on temporal distance, meaning that the drops pertain to something that will happen in 18 months (or so).

We are reaching the second red line marker, which according to Q is about communications. By mid October we will go into a time of communication disruptions.

Being in a digital / energetic war allows us to form groups of like-minded people, and with these groups there is an energetic connection that strengthens each of individually, as well as a group. Through our groups, we develop pieces of facts and shared perceptions. The groups are growing and are voicing ideas more and more on social media. The normies are both the victims and the prize. People who have been promulgating the war are coming up against more push-back from the groups on the other side. By mid to late October, it may become common knowledge that the CCP has been attacking us on many fronts in the US and especially through the media. We should see some MSM casualties and CCP will be openly declared the attacker.

Clif is getting serious push-back from leaders in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand, about what he is saying. He asked that people in those countries not contact him because the security forces in those countries are using that info to find groups of people with these ideas. There is one person in Australia and two in New Zealand that are doing good work, but he can not speak of it because of the extra trouble it will bring to them. However, we are almost at the point where it won't matter.

October 1 is the beginning of the fiscal year in the US, and October 15, is date quarterly reports are due from corporations. During this time, things should really start to unravel. This is when hyper-inflation will become obvious. The petro-dollar also will show more problems. All these pressures will come down harder on the individual people. For example, his bank told him that the IRS wants real-time info about his business accounts. However, his bank is fighting it.

So the DS has to do something on the 11th because it is a significant date to them. Then they will attempt to shut down communications but probably will not be able to manage electricity. Their goal is disrupt the flow of info so that the most damning news ages and carries less impact.

Now here is where Clif says something really interesting - the building and releasing of emotional tensions has been planned by someone else, may go on through next spring, and the purpose is to wake up more normies. This part of the discussion is about mid-way through the video, and you really need to hear it.

2022 is the year of initiation, which means "I want to change".

As an aside, I had a dream (Lindometer Readings) about phones and cars not working, but electricity was on. Also, I keep getting seeing notices about combat boots being the hot trend for women. (I know, I know, designer combat boots, except for Doc Martens, are going to be useless.)

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