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Jul 25, 2016
R 10 rods_402x600.jpgOf all the heavy weight you’ve carried, some of the heaviest is the stuff you can’t see. The immaterial has a way of bearing down on your back that can’t even be compared to, say, moving furniture, or carrying too many bags of groceries. Surely you have been doing what you can to improve things in your personal space and the world at large. You understand the wisdom in advice like, “Lift with your legs, not your back.” A quick assessment of the situation around you affirms the need to stay in form so you can contribute wholeheartedly to the massive improvement scheme now in play. You have been exercising yourself for a long time in the self-improvement realm. You aren’t blind to the fact that now more than ever, you can probably extend what you’ve gained into the interpersonal, and beyond. Stand tall, anchor yourself, and be ready to move. If invisible weight is bending your back, consider how you can ease your burden without losing ground.

If you think you might be ready to participate in the awakening and emergence of a new world, but you feel stuck and unable to move, some quick self-assessment might be in order. Find a mirror; whatever kind you have handy will do, even if that’s just someone nearby. Are you bent over? Are your shoulders somewhat slouched? If you can’t see what might be causing you to fight against gravity, to stand straight and tall, see if your reflection can give you a hint. Is there something you are hesitant to say? Is there some truth you’ve been carrying that you have been wary of releasing into the shared space of social conversation? Is it a dead version of yourself that you’ve been hauling around for the comfort of those who knew and loved who you used to be? These are the kinds of massive artifacts that can hide in plain sight, hindering your forward movement, your freedom to explore what lay tantalizingly just out of reach, that keep you immobilized, in a forcefield of fear.

Come back to that wisdom. Replay, if you can, the method by which you gained what you’ve carried. At some point, perhaps you took on someone else’s version of you as your own identity, bending your back to accept a cloak of invisibility. Maybe you bent your knee to acquiesce to some fine print embedded in an otherwise straightforward contract of behavior or belief. Are you surprised to find such details so heavy? Awareness unwoken speaks through your body’s posture. Maybe it’s time to take the knee again in gratitude and grounding in the simplicity of being, leaving behind the twisted overgrowth of dogma. In such a way, you reconnect to your own sacred knowing, in surrender not to the fine print but to the undying obvious inner awareness of divine light. Perhaps bending your back to bow in recognition to the self-same light in another, in mutuality, lets a heavy cloak fall away. The time comes to stand tall for each other. Let go, release yourself from the unseen.



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