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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

This is yesterdays post and Mercury is now in Libra bringing more chance to find peace and harmony through our thinking and discussions with others.

The Pisces full moon was a real mix this time of joys and sorrows, especially for Piscean type people or Virgo types, due to the mix of aspects around at the time, and also has hung on a little longer due to the highly focused influence of Apogee moon tomorrow which means it’s a very intense time for many with feelings continuing to be rather exaggerated, and due to the moon now being in Aries, extra busy.

The Mars/Saturn square aspect continues to have quite a strong influence with its push/pull energy as Mars slows down to station on the 10th Sept before being Rx until mid Nov.

As Mars is all about the virus, being an aggressive invader influence, the period ahead should technically mean it is dying out at last or changing form in some way. The infection rate should ease during this time and at the least more natural cures be found to help as at present what are old natural cures are being called misinformation as there is no mention of the same on any Health orgs list of “to dos” or mention of keeping immune systems strong through diet and lifestyle.

It's more about following Saturns strong rules and Saturn indeed is powerful in his Rx motion for the more harsh methods of dealing with the situation. Strict protocols come under Saturn's rays, especially when Pluto is not far away and Jupiters hand's are tied while in Capricorn.
Yesterday we had a square of Venus and Mars that will still be in effect, Cancer to Aries to keep us on our toes and challenge the way we care for and nurture others. Mars in Aries can be very passionate about the same and a little aggressive too especially if he’s feeling protective towards his loved ones , so a few sparks can fly under this fire and water energy.

Today Mars is quincunx to Mercury in Virgo helping us sort out a few matters in regard to differing opinions, a good one for agreeing to disagree if we tend to get impatient and want to prove we are right and the other person is wrong.

This aspect allows us to at least try to find some common ground, whereas an opposition or square doesn’t leave much room to manoeuvre.
Virgos, Geminis and Arians will find this helpful in stuck situations today in regard to the above.
Uranus in Taurus is square to Vesta in Leo which is a bit of a challenge in regard to keeping our boundaries strong, as Uranus can bring the unexpected to deal with so its really important to keep our own inner fire bright and strong with this influence around us.

Aquarians, Taureans and Leos are all strong signs so should come through this unscathed, especially with the Mercury/Aries aspect to help with the analysing and assertiveness needed.

Mercury sextile to Venus, Virgo to Cancer is also helpful especially for the sensitivities of Cancerian/Virgo type people and Geminis, Taureans and Librans too.
Mercury will be in Libra tomorrow which will ease a bit of mental pressure for many of us and help us to find more balance and understanding, without the need to pick holes in everything and everyone around us if we don’t agree.

There is nothing like seeing life through other peoples eyes for a while to bring a bit of peace and harmony back to our lives.


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Nov 1, 2018
Yep, since Sep 4 I've been getting lots of energy right now, and I'm having trouble sleeping. Though when morning comes I still feel great and not tired at all, I feel energized. For the past few days it's been really easy to reconnect with Source (the positive energy) and use it for what I need. And sometimes I just connect, energy flows, and I just enjoy it, an "energy bath" if you will.

The last time this happened was Aug 17-24, and I was really happy every day. It just so happened I went on a long weekend trip, met my mom, and we had a great time, it was very therapeutic.

The joy is really flowing now, my chakras are opening, because I'm learning not to resist.
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