PORTAL: A Moving Sculpture - Quinn Wharton (1 Viewer)

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Jul 20, 2016
I came across this young man through the videos in which he recreates famous dance scenes all by himself. Then he posted this one, which he calls moving sculpture. It is a phenomenal piece - one where you feel invited into a magic world. He writes about this work below.

I don’t think this is meant to be watched in one sitting, this is meant much more as a meditation. I find dropping into it in different places when you need a moment, when you’re stressed, is the right way to go. It’s very simply a rumination on what we do as movers and physical expressionists. Dance isn’t always great at getting a point across, but it is damn good at making you feel a thing. These artists are all phenomenal world class performers and I am deeply grateful to the amazing long list of people who trusted me and contributed. We have people from all over the globe and so many major companies. Please go check out their pages, support, and encourage. The performing arts are in a rough spot right now and knowing that you all believe in them and find joy in them is everything.

I think you will enjoy this video. Be sure to look at his other ones, too - especially those dance scenes. Don't think one person can do the scene from Footloose?? Think again.

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