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Polarity can be trusted to stir the pot

Hailstones Melt

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I was crestfallen today after going to play the Simon Parkes fortnightly Connecting Consciousness show which is normally posted to Youtube for other listeners after it airs live every second Sunday night on Wolf Spirit Radio. We missed out on an Easter Sunday show which I thought was perfectly acceptable and reasonable, so I was looking forward to this new one on April 15th.

But, as I couldn't find it, I checked Simon Parkes' blog, and there were messages since April 7th that the airing of that radio show which had a large international audience (including Yours Truly) has been disbanded. Full St0p. Period.

It seems polarity can be trusted to step in and stir the pot, whenever anyone gets too close to the mark, or makes an impact in a spiritually good way, with a large number of people. The good that Simon has achieved in that radio show over a couple of years is probably incalculable. Polarity being: dark where there is light, nefarious, twisted, blatent threats, where there is peace and goodwill, smirching of reputations when there is belief and trust in the positive attitude of the radio show hosts, etc.

Reading the additional info over on Simon's blog, it appears someone has the knife in and has been twisting away for at least up to 6 years, and has done some criminal endeavours such as threatening to petrol bomb his home. It appears this person has been successful in getting the regular fortnightly show off air (with no intention of reinstating it) by getting familiar with one of the admins/radio show hosts at the radio station. This has been achieved by this threatening, conniving person regardless of the large audience of the show in the thousands.

I have seen this type of negativity win out in spiritual organisations and endeavours before. Usually when the blossoming of light and love seems to have turned a corner. We need more people of a positive framework (such as SG who sees oneness and positivity in all and everything!) to make daily affirmations to anchor light and love in their arena, however small. It's no good fusing with the light and then dropping out like a drunkard on the wayside. The re-commitment needs to be made all the time, to ensure the tendrils that exist now can work their way through the lattice of light and dark that we live within.

More direct info:


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Never heard this show, but I know him from some of his interviews on YT. Always good to listen too, like his way of talking. Also his 'Oxford' English is good to understand for foreigners.

The person doing this is clearly deranged and criminal. Had to rate this post jaw dropping therefore. I still cannot fathom what is going on 'inside' these lunatic people. Gosh. Every day I ask myself how did I get into this? Did I really want THIS? A planet full of psychos at large.

And what is the reason for her 'rage'? Just difference of opinion? Or is this woman a shill working for some cabal serving organisation? Certainly also drugged? Or all of it?

But in his latest entry I see he says he is working on re-instating it after the person has been dealt with I assume:
Sadly there is no radio show tonight for reasons well known.
I am working on fixing this soon.
So there's hope, and light.


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I haven't heard of the show or came cross any of his material, but I know a bit about him. A friend facilitated a QHHT session with him.

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