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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Pluto at station.jpg

Pluto is now at station before going Rx in Capricorn until the beginning of Oct.

These station points of outer planets are not a bad thing but a point where we can choose to change direction, so we reassess whats happening in our lives before moving on due to the nature of the planet and the sign it’s in.

The meaning also depends on our own current transits if any that involve this planet.

For instance if it’s a strong transit such as Pluto squaring or opposing one of our personal planets, this could be a time when a rather intense relationship or domestic situation reaches a turning point so we have a choice whether to let go or hang on tighter in hope things will improve.

It might involve a change in location or career we are considering.

The stronger the aspect then the more cathartic this period is in these a few days.

If it’s a positive aspect even conjunction, then it’s very important for a positive turning point although it will be that anyway as we have choices and get a chance to ponder on things and do some soul searching. Pluto forces this.

Being Pluto its still a time of rebirth in some sense of our being, and it still means facing fears and phobias if needed, searching our shadow self for answers and facing our deepest and darkest selves.

And it can involve everything or anything we are passionate about or value most.

It’s a time to reassess how we are using our power and change that if needed.

It's an exciting time and as long as we can embrace all that we are and face our deepest darkest selves, then we are going to be ok, as we can work on our own shadow self and accept more of it in others.

Those of the Scorpio type nature, and many Capricorns too will feel this strongly, but we will all feel it one way or another.
It happens at 25 degrees Capricorn (minus a minute). 24 59 in fact, but near enough.

This is the day that the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus at 5 degrees, and the unexpected for me continues, with the very unpleasant happenings being balanced with the extremely amazingly positives, some very unusual experiences involving people and spirit too.

These have been the sort of unbelievable experiences that happen rarely, like miracles, like spirit manifesting something in the physical world to prove it does exist, and it was not our imagination at all, just in case we doubted.

I would think Taureans will be having quite a time at present with more to come no doubt especially those born about now, or those with planets near 5 degrees or those born in the opposite sign of Scorpio around 5 degrees.( And anyone with planets there or points.

Aquarians will feel this one too of course as Uranus is their planet.

This aspect could well affect a world leader or two as the Sun rules this the same, so rumours circulating about the death of one could indeed be true. But knowing Uranus there is bound to be a twist with this.

Mercury today in Aries is squaring Jupiter in Capricorn which should indeed bring good news to some or at least stretch their brains a bit more to see that bigger picture that so eludes many, and with todays other aspects I think this could provide a bit of a shock for some as well.

Geminis, Virgos, Arians, Capricorns and Sagis are the main signs involved but it could effect any of us.


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