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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
Venus into Scorpio.jpg

Its Perigee Moon time which means it is closest to the earth and therefore carries similar energies to the Full Moon.
It's happening in Scorpio during the Crescent Moon phase that began yesterday which is a time ahead for collecting information, making new contacts and adding information to your plan or project that you may have begun near the New Moon . This is an activation phase.

Perigee Moon in Scorpio is quite an intense Moon and could bring out a lot that has been kept hidden so in that sense there is a rebirth energy around today and perhaps kind of explosive in a sense or cathartic at the least.

This is made more powerful by Venus moving into Scorpio which definitely intensifies our feelings, as Venus in Scorpio can be very passionate, very focused emotionally as will be the case for the 4 weeks or so ahead.
This is a time for all of us to get in touch with our deepest feelings and the areas of our lives we want to put our focus on. This is a very “all of nothing” influence that we can all make use of.

For relationships it adds a lot of strong loyalty and a protectiveness that will have a long term effect for those who are meeting someone new or wanting to deepen an existing relationship.

Venus in this sign is ready to explore the sexual, intimate side of love and discover all of loves mysteries, no matter what it takes.
Scorpios will be happy to have more love and attention and could also want to be more social or show their love, care and intimacy to their select friends.
Venus will be lucky for them in areas of finances and other security areas.

Scorpios could actually find a new love during this period ahead if they have been holding back before.
For Taureans and Librans this will also intensify their feelings and experiences one way or another as Venus in Scorpio is a very definite and decisive energy.
On the downside Venus in Scorpio could feel more jealousy or blame or seek revenge if the negative side of the sign emerges, but she will certainly make her presence felt as if there is a decision to make based on her emotions or needs, her strongest priorities, then it will all be happening in a no nonsense way.

This will effect any of us but more so those who have Scorpio strong in their birth charts .

Venus in Scorpio can also represent themes of "forbidden or dangerous love" hence my image.

As Venus can be is about politics this could bring some intense moments around the globe today due to the Perigee Moon. This is a time when people are more likely to take a strong stand also and be happy to do so.

Mercury in Libra is quincunx to Uranus in Taurus at 14 degrees. This aspect is one of finding ways to resolve conflicts or work with available resources, people or information, to come up with inventive solutions and to think outside that Virgo box that seem to be having it’s effect on the world at this time.
Geminis and Virgos, Librans, (and therefore politicians too) will benefit a lot from this aspect as will Aquarians and Taureans.

And speaking of discussions, the Sun in 18 degrees Virgo is opposing Pallas in Pisces which is telling us to balance the rational/practical with the intuitive/spiritual and creative today, to solve any ongoing long term issues that are of the most importance to us.
Solutions are always there and we all have the ability within self to find those solutions for our own health and wellbeing as well as to help others to do the same if we have right motive.

The Moon while Perigee in Scorpio today does form a strong opposition to Uranus, which adds an element of the unexpected, so Scorpios and Taureans in particular will feel this, also Cancerians and Aquarians, so this is the energy of the Tarot card “The Tower” very much so today .

The square of the Moon to Saturn is about rules and laws to consider, or control and oppression and although I do not mention Moon aspects often as they happen very quickly and pass quickly, this Perigee Moon could bring many situations where this is quite a strong influence in our lives today.
But the solutions are there if we care to look and use our critical thinking ability, which after all is what Virgo is all about.

So to sum up the energies we have to play with at this time, they are intensity of purpose and what we are passionate about , the element of the unexpected, thinking way outside the box regarding any unusual/unexpected announcements concerning control and new rules/laws to deal with.

Stay strong people, we are nearing times of change in Oct astrologically that will offer more freedom of choice and a lessening of oppression as the strong aspect of Saturn square Uranus begins to leave us, and both Saturn and Jupiter will go direct during Oct.


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Jul 20, 2016
soooo. looks like riding big waves for me - emphasis on riding.

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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
I woke up to a squabble between a Libran and an Aquarian. I do so hope they rise to their highest plane and and have intense, good, experiences today!
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