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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Yesterday was a very special day as just after Venus entered Aquarius she met with Chariklo the Mermaid Goddess (or nymph), named after the wife of Chiron and close friend of Pallas.

Chariklo is of the nature of the signs Pisces and Virgo, being a prophetess and highly compassionate Goddess. She has a lot to do with our personal boundaries and was adept at counselling.

This was a good reminder for us all to be kind to ourselves above all others as well as find compassion in our hearts for those who are suffering, and also for those who may not act kindly towards us for whatever reason.

At this time as it happened in Aquarius, we become more aware of the need for objectivity and protection of self and personal boundaries while being able to love others in unconditional ways.

Anyone with planets in the first degrees of Aquarius would have felt this aspect and still will be, as well as those who are naturally attuned to her energy. (I love Chariklo and she helped me a lot yesterday).

Today is the Perigee Moon which is now in Scorpio so its quite strong and intense and will act quite a bit like a full moon today.

There has already been one 6 9 earthquake near Easter Island,(no tsunami), and there is a cyclone bearing down on New Caledonia I believe.

Rx Mercury in Aquarius is quintile to Uranus in Taurus , a quintile being 72 degrees which is an aspect that enhances and empowers us mentally, so we can enjoy this energy in areas of being original and thinking outside the box today in ways that are harmonious, so our thoughts inspire others rather than cause anxiety.

Virgos and Geminis, Aquarians and Taureans will benefit from this one as can we all.

Mars in Taurus is quincunx Juno in Libra which could stir up a bit of trouble for some families or within relationships and with the Scorpio moon some of this could go deep so remain calm and balanced where you can if this is so, and try not to speak or act too hastily.
This could influence Arians, Taureans and Librans but could make any of us ultra sensitive on this Perigee Scorpio Moon day.

Tune into the energy of Chariklo to set some strong personal boundaries as her energy is still very much around.
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
Ah, Chariklo. Can't seem to hear enough about her :-D
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