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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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I wonder how many of you have seen or felt the signs of the Full moon approaching in Aquarius, as its been fairly obvious with heightened reactions and emotional outbursts.

This is especially so as the Moon today is also Perigee, closest to the earth which acts like a Full Moon anyway for the most part.

There are a lot of extreme energies around to trigger us and I am seeing it a lot. Those that tend to be volatile anyway are expounding on their views in the most extreme ways causing ripples of angst to flow in all directions and it will likely keep up for the coming few days, although there is ample opportunity to allow self revelations and healing to take place if ego doesn’t get in the way too much.

We are just now entering the last phase before the Full Moon which is the Gibbous Moon phase all about organizing, integrating, and planning. With the key words of perfecting; analysing and interpreting.

This can also be a critical phase which I have noticed more than anything at present but fueled by old insecurities and imprints.

Many of us are focused on making finishing touches, in preparation for exposure to maximum light.

This Full moon will be in 3 days time at 1 degree Aquarius so anyone with Moon, planets or points near this degree or born right at the start of this sign will be feeling the building of emotional energy more than anyone else but for myself I have noticed it for a few days now with nights of being unable to sleep but also some original ideas filtering in, a lot of clarity and lightbulb moments.

It is a time of strong opinions being expounded on. A Full moon on this Aquarian/ Leo axis is always strong as the powerful Sun in Leo energy (Sun rules Leo) vies with the power of the Moon in Aquarius, which is a sign that resonates to the energy of groups and causes and revolution, people wanting or needing to go against the status quo, so like an uprising.

This is the energy of protests, freedom of speech, standing up for the downtrodden, which we have seen in NZ recently, the latest being about the Farmers rights in this country who are being taxed more for simply being what they are although it involves their vehicles, their crops and extremely strong new laws coming in including those that relate to Carbon emissions from their stock contributing with climate change.

People are rebelling strongly about this for the most part.

Full Moons bring things out to consider and make right but this can also incite radical actions at this time.

The Full Moon is also about technology, large vehicles( in the case of Farmers it was about Farm vehicles. Aquarius is also about our environment, science , groups and schools, media, new inventions and thinking outside the box.

With Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius it's about the personal and impersonal, whether to be up close and personal and loyal , caring to someone and stick with them or whether to be more objective and keep loved ones or special people at arms length, seeking strength from, groups, communication and numbers.

Vesta by now has entered Libra two days ago which is going to be very helpful for finding a middle way and bringing harmony amongst people, allowing them to at least agree to disagree but finding common grounds to relate through when necessary.

Libra is also a political sign, so globally this could indeed be helpful for different factions to form new and better alliances that work together, staying strong on their own policies but also allowing for differences when needed. This sign and Vesta together can bring forth the best of our power within to encourage respect and patience to consider all points of view before decisions are made, a little like the effect of Pallas one hopes.

Tomorrow Venus enters Virgo for 25 days long enough to give Virgo people a real boost and plenty of attention from loved ones and maybe special attention from an attractive person that could turn to romance if single. (For Pisces this is also excellent as Venus will be in their relationship sign so we get extra love and support as well).

Otherwise it will be more attention and gifts that usual for Virgos , support which may turn out to be financial as well, Venus being the money/security planet as well as that of love and social interaction.
Librans and Taureans and the rest of us may well get an urge to join with others and help them, provide a service, whereas others of those signs will feel more supported they have for a while.

Its also a time to pay more attention to loved ones – pets too, and show we care in practical ways...

Its time to deal with the little things we have put off for a while and be more meticulous about everything that usual..
Health, hygiene, and safety factors will be strong in this period for all of us, as if it isn’t already!

Venus in Virgo is a nurse or secretary pretty much so we can all hone our skills in those directions in this time.

In the meantime on this Perigee Moon day with the Full Moon approaching , tread softly people and be aware of the strong energies around that can be quite explosive for many as Aquarius is an unpredictable sign as well as being perfectly capable of bringing some major and sudden breakthroughs.
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