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Parallel Worlds and Parallel Lives
Is it true that we are living parallel lives in parallel worlds ?

Many believe in this ! But do all those who believe in this quantum reality, have experienced it ?

What I mean, does everyone understand the meaning and the process of this discovery ?
Did you, during an out of body exploration
realize that you were in a parallel reality ?

And did you know that we are surrounded by many other worlds where we have multiple lives in different timelines and space lines...

Our cultural and religious beliefs have been limiting us to some superficial ideas and have been nurturing our souls with fear not knowing how to go beyond the limits that we thought are part of who we are.

One of the lessons that came through me as an astral explorer is the understanding of multiple timelines and space lines and the fact that we are connected to many other worlds and dimensions !

I was just back from an astral projection last night, to a parallel world, meeting a friend who is my teacher and mentor.

I was visiting him in his home located here in Haute Normandie but it was different from the one he is currently living in here, and was welcomed by his wife. I was with a bunch of friends.

I even took a bath in his home and then sat for a while talking with him. I wanted to spend the night with them in their house, but I had to leave and go back home. I left and while driving my car ( the same car I have here in this reality) I was trying to take the right road to Rouen.
I woke up wondering what was happening ...

Parallel worlds are bubbles, we may not see consciously, but while on the astral plane, they are touchable and visible.
We can get through them guided by our inner navigator , because we have intuitive connections to them.
It is there that we meet ourselves as double or triple or more of who we are here.

How can we be less conscious of being in a physical body in another reality ?

It is because the inner work in consciousness did not yet begin.
To go explore yourselves in other worlds you have to be willing to do it. Some of those quantum parallel realms may pop up into your reality here or there...
You have signs that timelines and space lines are reaching out. Some people think that timelines and space lines have to just come together so that things can happen !

This is a false idea. Because of the different worlds we are in., things may happen in different ways in each world. People as they are awakening are driven by the idea that different timelines bring things or people together ... The Universe doesn’t care about how we want things to happen. It is a huge machine where every world functions according to its own rules without interference with other dimensions and worlds.
In Consciousness we can have access to these realities and learn from them.
Knowing that death is only physical, when it happens in a world, consciousness travels to another one...
Very complex .... And it goes beyond expectations and all our beliefs !
A preview from a New Wave Tree I am drawing of parallel worlds I have been in during the last week. I have been working on it two days ago and let it sink until today. I did much more as the information came through me from my astral travels.

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Jul 20, 2016
I was visiting him in his home located here in Haute Normandie but it was different from the one he is currently living in here, and was welcomed by his wife. I was with a bunch of friends.
I love this - feels so happy and loving.
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