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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand


Pallas moved into Scorpio yesterday. Pallas is of the nature of of Aries and Libra, with a touch of Leo and Aquarius thrown in.

In Scorpio she will dig deep to find truth so justice can be served, but not in a way that is vindictive or vengeful or warlike, as Pallas is fair and objective.

This could be a liberating time for those who have been feeling as if they are being cross examined or interrogated every time they open their mouths about their deeper needs or feelings.

Pallas will make sure everything is fair and people will be satisfied with the results of what is revealed and worked through. Especially Scorpio type people.

In fact this position of Pallas is helpful for all of us and could sort out a few issues that have been floating around involving jealousy or blame.

With Mercury about to join the Sun, Mars,and Venus in Virgo in two days, the tendency for analysing, criticising and nit picking will be strong, so Pallas will help sort out any problem areas for all of us.

This will take us into the new beginning new moon in 3 days which will be a powerful one with 6 planetary bodies in Virgo and 3 in Capricorn including the South Node, and two in Taurus, so it will be all rather earthy.
It will be am extremely positive new moon this year for Virgos and Virgo type people, all the earth signs in fact. A great new beginning on all levels of being.

In the meantime today Venus is trine to Uranus, Virgo to Taurus which is a lovely aspect of unconditional love and expression, where we can feel free to be ourselves and express who we truly are without old rules and ideas inhibiting us.
This will be especially so for those who have Taurus, Libra, Aquarius and Virgo strong in their natures, but we all can make the most of this liberating aspect.

Mercury squares Vesta, Leo to Taurus warning us to keep strong boundaries and be true to ourselves even when advice from others, or nitpicking upsets our status quo.

Whether to speak out or keep our own counsel becomes an issue, but Venus in her trine to Uranus is saying speak out, but at the same time accept that other people see the world through different eyes to us and it’s all ok. Its not for us to judge if others are different in outlook to ourselves.

Chiron's trine to Ceres from Aries to Sagittarius is very helpful and tells us we can learn from the energies of both signs right now, to be more open and truthful about thoughts and feelings even if some people may find this threatening. There is always the bigger picture to view where we must accept that we chose this path we are on and nothing can change that.

We can still be kind and caring to those who are not so kind to us, and turn the other cheek to rise above any pettiness coming our way.
Arians and Sagittarians should be feeling in their best power from the above aspect.

The Balsamic moon phase begins today which means for the few days ahead until the new moon it's an unfavorable time for beginning anything hugely important, but highly favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general.
A time for personal reflection and tying up loose ends.

Tomorrow with the moon in Leo, and Mars in Virgo trine to Uranus in Taurus however, there is a sense of new opportunity to put some original plans into action. This is quite an exciting aspect with a spirit of both independence and being willing to share with a group, to be more daring and willing to take part in something that requires both skill and a sense of fun.

So when the new moon comes we can be ready to use this energy to our best ability as aspects near a new moon are drawn into the new beginning energy.


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Jul 20, 2016
Perfect illustration. Xena knows how to get things done.

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