Out of Body Experience to Stonehenge. The Fire of the Sumhain Procession October 31, 2019 (1 Viewer)

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Hi my friends !
I have been in huge and deep self healing and working on my life mission, trying to see more into myself. So much has been going on and still is. I am having daily astral projections too and exploring new worlds, planets, and even amazing places like the botanical gardens I have been in, during some nights on August and September. I will relate to in future posts. They are amazing and may be some of you have been experiencing travels in such amazing places.

So here I am sharing my latest one from last night and it was in Stonehenge (UK). Hope you have more information about these kind or type of fire ceremonies during Samhain by spirits from the Druid Era. I feel that Samhain is not only a Celtic tradition, but more deeper an Druid tradition that the Celts have inherited.
So let me know if you have information about this, because I was really there with them as a Druid Priest last night and would love to hear from you.


Here are some quick notes about my experience just after I came back in my body here:

It was night time on the site of Stonehenge. Many spirits were walking toward the site in a ceremonial way, wearing togas with hoods. No one could see the face of the other... They were coming from other worlds and sacred temples.
They were tall beings holding in their hands golden stars, I heard them chanting around the site while turning in circles and spreading a golden light that was coming from a gate that opened from up high the sky.
It was very beautiful. Some others were floating with torches in their hands illuminated by a sacred fire. It was like a healing fire that would erase all the old energies that came on earth since 2012. That’s what I heard.

They were spelling And chanting in an old language that sounded like coming from an ancient Druid era.
The new fire we are igniting is the fire of the human resurrection for this new Era is to begin today !

They were walking with their animals beside them : fawns and birds, for most of them.
I remember it was as if I was with them in the procession walking with an eagle over my head, wearing a brown toga and looking down inside the earth underneath the site of Stonehenge, where a huge white crystal was planted in between the rocks, with the energy we were holding we recharged the crystal in connection with the huge solar gate that opened above us from the center of the Temple. There were etheric rooms in between the huge stones with old transcriptions from the old Druid era that brought the energy of the temple when it was held for the first time.

I came back in my physical body with the sounds and noise of that event and the beings who came from higher dimensions !
Still there in spirit now.

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