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Voyage to New Atlantis
November 2019

I have been in New Atlantis during the last days, and I travelled back last night to notice my parallel life with beings from there. I was working in a sophisticated space station that is not so far from the Ocean. It is wide painted in a glowing white light, and we have each one a room where we can leave our things and also go for rest when we need it.
Shaped in humanoid physical body but more powerful, we have that light on our third eyes. We receive messages intuitively whether during the work in the station or the people we live with.
While in the station I received a message from a woman who was my sister there, to join her on the shore...
when I finished my work, I closed my room and went to the beach. She was waiting for me with a teenager. It was a very hot day and the ocean was very cold. I swam anyway. Dolphins were around and the water was very deep. My sister asked me to give her a towel wet in sea water, it was for her self healing. I did.
I crossed the beach and there were huge stones both black and white surrounding the cost sea. The Ocean was deep blue and the dolphins where jumping saying goodbyes to us.
The space station in an interesting place to connect with intergalactic planets around New Atlantis. We were given sophisticated devices to open gates and to travel dimensions and time.
In the middle of the station there is a huge Stargate that can be open by gate keepers, I was one of them.
This is a new kind of experience in New Atlantis. But I saw my home again, my sophisticated car and the dolphins who keep the Ocean safe and highly vibrational with specific sounds they create themselves according to our healing needs and the frequencies of the waves.

I have started drawing a sophisticated device I brought with me - in memory - from my travels and it is quiet amazing. So here is a preview of the artwork and believe me it is true. It is sometimes little curved and has blue flashes when I activate the codes telepathically

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