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Out of Body Experience: Adapting to New Parameters


Shimmering Soul

posted October 12, 2011

With each shift into the non-physical I return to the physical to a lesser degree. It is an interesting fact- each time the consciousness widens out into wider reality systems it retains a bit more of that width. Even once back in the physical. Until the physical is exceeded altogether. This is what is happening now. With me and with many of you. Through the process there are many new parameters in which to adapt.


Experienced Traveler
Great video! I can relate.

Lately I've found taking others with me on a trip we take together helps me to retain all or almost all of it - say 96%. We sketch pictures of what we say immediately afterwards and write the key points.
However when I travel by myself, even with others but them going into their own travels/experience I will have 'black-outs' mid trip. Parts I can't remember and recall.

Also keep conscious OBE's shorter helps. I used to do long jumps and stay OBE for well over an hour with perfect recall. I can't do that alone anymore due to missing segments of the travels.

If I stay in the 'blackness' as you call it and allow the color field to develop, if I don't open a wormhole/vortex and go OBE then it's highly likely I will fall asleep, hence why meditation isn't working for me so much anymore. Therefore its easier for me to jump OBE quickly and do a short trip (20 mins) or so. So as you said it changes over time.

So interesting. :)

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