Our Solar System And Why It Exists (1 Viewer)

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Jul 20, 2016
This is an interesting article that blends traditional religion with the shift in the cosmos. I grew up in the Methodist church, which is less rigid than others, so I don't come to the table with a long list of grievances. These are new ideas to me, and I enjoyed reading about them.


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Jun 20, 2018
Thank you Linda! I appreciate that a lot. What's been necessary in order for the shift in consciousness to be successful is a complete understanding of why religion exists here, how consciousness has been affected by religion and the true meaning of the nature of the Holy Trinity. Any opposition or conflict ever concerning any religious ideologies just comes from not having enough information about the meaning of existence. I write about the apocalypse also which means a disclosure of knowledge. That's whats coming with the shift in consciousness to help everyone understand and feel great about themselves, religion, spirituality, Earth and the human race. It's all about love. I discuss a lot of this in my book I just recently published called Earth's Miracle Through the Paradigm Shift. Which is available through Amazon. Thanks again Linda! Sean McCleary.
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Jul 19, 2016
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Thank you Linda!
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Aug 15, 2016
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It would be interesting to find out Alex Collier's thoughts on the idea of Earth Human Beings colonizing the Andromeda constellation.

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