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Our Mission Statement And What Transients Is All About


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I was just updating the regular contributing authors listed on the front page of the site here, and did a check over text which explains the purpose of why the site exists, and what the word transients means in context to the site, and why I chose it originally.

It had been ages since I updated that page, and found that very little needed to be changed in terms of revision.

One of the contributing writers pointed out that it was basically a mission statement and it would be wise to link to it elsewhere as well, to make it more visible to the new visitor, which I have to think about and figure out from a practical design perspective, as I thought that was a good suggestion.

Anyway, here is a copy and paste of the first part of the about page, which is that mission statement

This community includes contributing writers for transients.info and those over on our forum The Roundtable. We're a bunch of souls who have similar understandings, but always respect our differences while continuing to maintain an open mind within the space that transients holds.

The main focus of this website is to broaden the understandings of those who happen to stumble upon it, with a specific focus on expanding a person’s consciousness through as much accurate and helpful information as possible. We also inspire creativity through creation. An important aspect of this site is not just about teaching and sharing information, but also sparking consciousness into taking action, whether that is towards self-development via healing, improving one’s health and life circumstances, or from possibly having an aspect activate within which leads one on a journey towards finding their purpose.

As the shift in consciousness progresses forward and great change continues to occur in the world, our time now is more important than ever to find not just meaning, but guidance, as the Earth changes underneath us. While information can only get a person so far, direct experience and action is required and this is an important aspect of where transients.info is heading. We are currently running regular activities such as astral projection projects and weekly distant group healings over on our forum, and more is in the pipeline.

The meaning of the word ‘transients’ is really about how temporary we are here as energy and consciousness within a dense physical body on Earth. Whether we are coming back into another life after this one, or moving on into another space and role on the other side, it doesn’t matter, we still exist here on a temporary basis based on the purpose we planned before arriving.

Therefore we are each transient in nature, as time also works very differently outside of this dimension; when viewing life down here, in the blink of an eye it can end — let’s make the most of it.

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